On April 22, 2021, Farmingdale State College held its annual Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society virtual Induction Ceremony. The ceremony entailed Dr. Martin Lewison who is the faculty president of the FSC Chapter of Sigma Beta Delta offered his greetings to the audience in attendance as well as introducing its various guest speakers. We had the pleasure of welcoming the President of the College, Dr. John Nader; Provost, Dr. Laura Joseph; Dean of Farmingdale State College School of Business, Dr. Richard Vogel, and various others. 

The 2021 inductees consisted of 54 Farmingdale students who were recognized for their academic excellence. In order for students to receive such a prestigious honor, they had to be at least a Junior with a cumulative G.P.A that was in the top 20% of all students who are pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management, Computer Systems, or Sports Management. This year’s inductees add to a total of 1,259 Farmingdale Students who have been granted this honor. 

The dedication for Farmingdale staff to still shine a spotlight on its top students even in a pandemic speaks volumes about how persistent the school is to maintain a sense of normalcy in an unprecedented time. The hope is that this ceremony will return to an in-person event so that it could be celebrated in its traditional format. Even though the event was not held in person this year, family and friends were encouraged to join the ceremony online to show their support for the students who were given this honor. One by one each student’s name was announced as their photograph was displayed on a correlating slide show. Loved ones and attendees showed their support in the live chatbox feature as they walked across the virtual stage. 

Closing remarks were made by Dr. Martin Lewison who offered words of encouragement and motivation for all the students being inducted. He emphasized the students to keep up their hard work and to continue working towards their bright futures.