Jessica Mason is a go-getter, who attributed much of her professional success to the foundation that was built here at Farmingdale State College. Jessica graduated in 2014 with her Bachelor of Science in Business Management. After, she went on to earn her MBA in Business Management at Adelphi University. 

Upon graduation, she was offered a job as an Assurance Associate at Grant Thornton, an accounting company. Afterward, working in the field for a year, she felt that this may not be for her. While in college, she also took human resources classes and she found the Human Resources classwork very intriguing. In May 2016, she landed the position of HR Coordinator with Northwell Health. Since then, Jessica has been promoted to HR Generalist, Senior HR Generalist, and then to the position she holds today as a Human Resources Manager. 

She finds great passion in her current role. By experiencing the pandemic while working at Northwell, she expressed she was able to witness her company truly care for their community, this made her feel like a part of the greater good. She described that “having supported the front line workers during the pandemic was life-changing, and seeing the heroism and collaboration was inspiring”. 

When asked how Farmingdale prepared her for her current role she shared that it built a foundation for her career and it gave her so many skill sets that she utilizes in the present day. Because of the education, she received at Farmingdale, Jessica was able to be versatile and seek out a career that makes her happy.