During this Fall 2020 Semester, the International Business Club hosted the first Virtual International Business Plan Competition at FSC. The theme of the competition was created to propose a business solution to address any of the 17 UN Global Goals that seek to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity. Students created and prerecord their presentation videos to pitch their business solutions. The top three teams had the opportunity to compete for monetary prizes.

Taking home third place and $100 was Gianna Cacamese and John Cacamese with Clean Water & Sanitation is a non-profit organization to transport clean drinking water and share the knowledge of sanitation and hygiene for communities lacking access to clean water. 

Coming in second place was Thriving Together by Megan Morillo and Randy Mejia. They look to establish permaculture practices that can reduce food insecurity through self-sufficiency rather than dependency. The project is designed to teach generations how to grow their own food with very limited resources so they can thrive even in extreme circumstances. Their second-place finish was awarded a $200 prize. 

The first-place winner was Greco Gloves by Fatimah Nauman and Sandy Maharaj. Greco Glove uses corn-based bioplastic to produce carbon-neutral biodegradable, one size fits all gloves to solve the environmental hazards brought by latex gloves.

The International Business Club will continue to host the Virtual International Business Plan Competition and seeks to encourage more students to engage in innovations to solve our societal and environmental problems.