Bahadir Canturk is a driven student with a clear direction. Bahadir first started taking classes at FSC under our Computer Systems department in the Computer Technology certification program. Soon after he transitioned into our four-year Computer Programming and Information Systems program. While he initially wanted to go back to school for a career change he found his passion in security compliance.

During his time with Farmingdale State College Bahadir was exposed to various coding languages in our Computer Technology Certification, after taking a few courses he grew fonder of Networking. With his change of program, Bahadir enrolled in Professor Greenidge’s class to prepare him for the CISCO certification. He dedicated himself to the process and diligently learned the material. He emerged from the courses with his Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification. With his achievement, he looked toward his senior project to further follow his passion. Bahadir is creating a cloud-based application to create guidelines to ensure potential clients’ cloud applications can securely house company and client data. 

For the past two years, Bahadir has been working full-time at MSPNetworks as a Managed Services Specialist where he ensures the security of his client’s data and technology security systems for fifty-plus clients. Bahadir also landed a virtual internship with an NYC based company, Flashtalking. He specializes in security compliance where he ensures the safety and security of his client’s information and makes sure that they are following the industry protocols on storing information in cloud-based services.

Bahadir had utilized the tools and resources at Farmingdale State College to cultivate an impressive resume. Bahadir is on track to graduate in Spring 2021. We wish him the best of luck in all of his career endeavors.