Gwen's ambition is unmatched. Gwen came to Farmingdale as a dental hygiene transfer student in 2017 but wanted to combine her love for sports and communications. Soon after joining the FSC family, she changed her major to Sport Management. After graduating Gwen moved swiftly and landed a position at The Hayes Initiative, a NYC-based public relations firm.

One of Gwen’s greatest strengths is her ability to network. For a class project, Gwen had to interview an individual who held a position that she could see herself working in after college. She reached out to the Media Relations Director of New York City Football Club (NYCFC). To her surprise, she landed the school project interview. A year later she was able to apply for an opportunity to with City in the Community Youth Leadership Council and was afforded the position. 

On this council Gwen shadowed the media coverage professionals and worked with kids in her community by running afterschool programs. Gwen spearheaded youth soccer workshops as well as leadership development programs, educating young adults about the importance of voting. Due to her work ethic and connections at NYCFC, she landed a full-time position with The Hayes Initiative.

Currently, Gwen is the Executive Assistant and Researcher for The Hayes Initiative. She found a unique way to marry her love for sports and communications in her career.