Dr. Ebru Ulusoy

Dr. Ebru Ulusoy is an Assistant Professor in the Business Management Department. Dr. Ulusoy joined Farmingdale State College in Fall 2016. She earned her Ph.D. in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from University of Texas – Pan American (which is currently University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley). Dr. Ulusoy received a master's degree in Production Management and Marketing from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey. She received her bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey. Before joining the School of Business at Farmingdale State College, Dr. Ulusoy served as an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Maine Business School at the University of Maine. Dr. Ulusoy also has professional experiences as Assistant Production Manager at a TV channel, and as an account manager in the oldest Public Relations firm in Turkey.

Dr. Ulusoy is primarily interested in teaching and conducting research in the field of consumer behavior. She has various publications and presentations in prestigious peer-reviewed academic journals and conferences. One of her research focus is consumers' perception of experience marketing strategies, and how these strategies shape the behavior of consumers.

For her dissertation, she researched the experience marketing in themed entertainment spaces, and how consumers react to such contexts. One of her works that has been published in one of the top business journals - Journal of Business Research - focuses on the alternative Spring Break experiences of college students and the impact of such an experience on identities and behavior. Another research topic within the experience marketing area on which Dr. Ulusoy has been working explores the reactions of consumers to pop-up retail strategies utilized by various brands to offer unique experiences to consumers.

Dr. Ulusoy is also interested in the perceptions and behaviors of immigrant consumer groups from different cultures and generations. Her research "Inter-Generational Pendula(IGP): Toward a Theory of Immigrant Identity, Materialism and Religiosity" on this topic was published in one of the top journals in the Marketing area - International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Dr. Ulusoy is also interested in food and wellness marketing and consumption. She explores how consumers navigate their way for food consumption and well-being in a time that consumers are exposed to an overwhelming number of conflicting information. Dr. Ulusoy utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods in her research. She is currently researching how ideologies are shaped in the marketplace, and how various incompatible consumption communities are formed around specific ideologies.

Dr. Ulusoy has taught a variety of Marketing courses at undergraduate and graduate levels at five different institutions in the United States and Turkey. Currently, she is teaching Marketing Principles, Consumer Behavior, Services and Experience Marketing, and Advertising Principles courses. She is also involved in curriculum development for the Marketing certificate; and online Tourism and Hospitality and Cannabis Business programs. She is interested in different pedagogy formats. She aims to make her courses relevant to the everyday life experiences of students. She also serves as the faculty advisor for the 'Women in Business' club at FSC.