Student Spotlight - Blaine Interrante

Blaine Interrante, 2019 is studying Economics at Farmingdale State College. He can best be described by Assistant Professor of Economics Dr. David Vitt, as a “double threat in the sense that he communicates with clarity: his writing is in a different league than our average student.” Blaine is president of the Economics Club, has an exceptional GPA with a math minor, and has an interesting job. Blaine is in the Coast Guard as an Active Reservist, and pushes himself to produce quality economic research. He is in fact currently working on research with a few Economics professors. Blaine echoes the feelings his professors have when he says, “Studying Applied Economics at Farmingdale has been a great experience. The professors are down to earth and care. The classes are interesting, relevant, and build on analytical and critical thinking skills.” As far as career aspirations go, Blaine is working toward one as an actuary. Actuary work is multi-disciplinary and involves a unique problem solving skills set. Blaine will be graduating in the spring semester and will undoubtedly continue to make an impact in his future endeavors.

What advice do you have for college students to be successful or in general?

College is what you make of it. Cultivate skills, connections, and credentials relevant to your career path. Seek to make yourself rare and valuable.

Blaine Interrante
Last Modified 3/6/20