A strong beginning sets the stage for success in higher education.  

As preparations for the 2021 TRIO Summer Bridge Program for incoming freshman are underway, we reflect on last year’s program. Despite the many challenges and limitations of operating our first virtual program, the 2020 program was very successful and has served as a stepping stone for current student initiatives!

TRIO staff partnered with peer advisors hired for the summer program to facilitate this event.  Due to their outstanding efforts and dedication, the program promoted enthusiastic participation amongst participants and a further understanding about one another, while helping to establish plans for the future.  Overall, an interactive strategy during the program was effective in building cohesion and a productive, positive, and promising outcome for all Peer Advisors and students involved.  Student feedback reflected an overwhelming sense of achievement and satisfaction from their participation in TRIO’s Summer Bridge Program.

Since the completion of the Summer Bridge Program, several participants have joined the TRIO Leadership Council.  They have actively planned, coordinated, and implemented student initiatives during the academic year such as a voter awareness campaign, holiday party, and semester kickoff events.  Furthermore, students have done well academically in their first semester with 3.4% earning above a 3.0 grade point average during the fall semester.

We look forward to what the 2021 program and our new cohort of students will bring!

Significant highlights of the 2020 Virtual Summer Bridge Program consisted of:

  1.   Students creating PowerPoint presentations covering who they are, what they have learned, feelings about TRIO, and a closing wish for education and life.  
  2.    Peer Advisors organized an award ceremony where each Summer Bridge participant received a superlative award.
  3.      Lastly, the TRIO team encouraged 100% attendance through the conception of a GroupMe text thread to maintain communication and deliver daily emails.