COVID-19 has spread fear throughout our communities and our students are a part of these communities.

With schools closed, we reached out to our students to assess their well-being. In doing so, we did not expect to hear them ask us about continuing their community service projects. LPP (Liberty Partnership Program) Amityville students, prior to school closing, attended monthly community service trips to the Massapequa Nursing Home. The students knew that they could no longer attend those trips, so they wanted to find a way to continue their community service and spread cheer to the residents. LPP Coordinator Bea Polaski put the students in charge of creating something.

Paperless was key, as we wanted to make sure that everyone remained safe. A couple days after working together, the students created the weekly Funny Papers. This was their creative way to share riddles and jokes to the residents at Bristol Assisted Living and Massapequa Nursing Home. They are currently on their 4th edition. With the Funny Papers well received by the residents, we went on to share the it with the Pediatric Unit at Good Samaritan Hospital as well. Our LPP students are striving by spreading cheer to their communities. We are very proud of them.