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Amanda Kavner

Adjunct Assistant Professor Email Memorial Hall, Room 116

Dr. Kavner completed her PhD April 2020 in the Curriculum, Instruction and the Science of Learning Program of the University at Buffalo concentrating on Machine Learning applications in Computational Cognitive Neuroscience.  She is a NY secondary public-school science teacher and a NYS Master Teacher Fellow. 


She is a certified Educational Technology Specialist and has taught courses in chemistry, biology, genetics, marine biology, and forensics.  As a high school educator and researcher, Kavner focuses on the applications of new research in the classroom. 


Her research focuses on the development and application of cognitive computational models to predict human behavior using machine learning algorithms to analyze neurocognitive measurements.  Her interdisciplinary work is based on AI ethics, cognitive psychology, the neuroscience of behavior, psychometrics, and computer science. The aim is to connect basic neuroscience of behavior and psychological study into practice and to support ethics in the development and application of emergent technologies.

Courses Taught

STS 330- Scientific Thinking
STS 350- Data and Society
STS 400W- Senior Seminar- Social Cognition, Fake News, and Digital Literacy
Amanda Kavner
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