Professional Communications

Agata Boxe

Lecturer (10 Month) Email Knapp Hall, Room 233A
Agata Boxe is a Lecturer in Professional Communications at Farmingdale State College.


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  • Agata Boxe, “Medical Distancing” May Help Protect Cancer Patients From Exposure to COVID-19, , 2020.
  • Agata Boxe, Building Trust in Science Starting in the Classroom, , 2020.
  • Agata Boxe, BEGEV Salvage Regimen Linked to High Complete Remission Rates, , 2020.
  • Agata Boxe, Tivozanib Shows Superior Safety Profile Across TKIs in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma, , 2020.
  • Agata Boxe, Open Radical Nephrectomy for RCC May Increase Circulating Tumor Cells, , 2020.
  • Agata Boxe, New Vaccine Could Delay ADT Use in Stage D0 Prostate Cancer, , 2019.
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  • Agata Boxe, Phobia's Familial Roots, Discover Magazine, Print edition, (09/19) 2019.
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