Eve Wilson

Email Hale Hall, Room 116
Since a very young age I have always wanted to help others. This deep seeded love for helping others led me into the healthcare field. With hard work and dedication, I was able to get accepted into the, very competitive, Physician Assistant program at Touro College (now Touro University) from which I graduated from in 1999. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to work as a Physician Assistant ever since, treating patients while supporting them emotionally as well as providing life saving treatments. College showed me how much I loved learning. This ever growing love for helping others and education led me to continue my educational journey through 2 masters degrees and a doctoral degree. During this journey I couldn't help but be driven to the world of pedagogy. I was fortunate to have been given the opportunity to teach within the biology department at Farmingdale State College 5 years ago during the fall 2018 semester. With over 2 decades of experience within the medical field, I have been able to incorporate tangible life experiences into my biological lessons. I have loved every minute of being an Assistant Adjunct Professor within the biology department of Farmingdale State College. 

Courses Taught

BIO 123 - Health and Human Disease (Lecture and Lab)
BIO 120 - General Biology (Lab)
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