Alex Kodess

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Whitman Hall, Room 180K

Courses Taught

MTH 110 Statistics
MTH 129 Precalculus
MTH 150 Calculus I
MTH 151 Calculus II
MTH 236 Calculus II with Applications
MTH 245 Linear Algebra
MTH 250 Combinatorics
MTH 390 Optimization and Linear Programming


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Delaware, 2014
  • M.S., Mathematics, Ural Federal University, 2008
  • B.S., Mathematics, Ural Federal University, 2006
  • N/A, Linguistics (Translation Studies), Ural Federal University, 2007


  • A. Kodess, B.G. Kronenthal, D. Manzano-Ruiz and E. Noe, Classification by girth of three-dimensional algebraically defined monomial graphs over the real numbers, Discrete Mathematics, 344(4) 2021.
  • A. Kodess, R. S. Coulter, S. De Winter and F. Lazebnik, A Result on Polynomials Derived Via Graph Theory, Mathematics Magazine, 92(4) 2019, 288--295.


  • A. Kodess, “The Isomorphism Problem for Monomial Digraphs.” Presentation to the AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Newark, DE on September 30, 2018.
  • A. Kodess, “Algebraic Digraphs.” Poster presented at the Building Bridges II. Conference to celebrate 70th birthday of László Lovász, Budapest, Hungary on July 4, 2018.
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