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Stevie Famulari

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Thompson Hall, Room 202

Stevie Famulari, Gds teaches and designs public art, phytoremediation applications, storm water design, landscape architecture herstory, and specialty green courses.  Mx Famulari's research in design explores the relationship, extension, and application of green designs to other professional fields.  Stevie’s PhD, ABD research is at RMIT. Xyr received a Mistress' degree in Landscape Architecture from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry with a concentration in Fine Arts from Syracuse University. Stevie's bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts is from New York University.

Mx. Famulari’s work focuses on greening designs and practices to create healthy spaces for living and working. By applying the science of phytoremediation to the art of landscape design, xyr works have aesthetic beauty as well as healing properties for both people and environment.  Stevie's first book on this topic, Green Up!  Sustainable Design Solutions for Healthier Work and Living Environments, by Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group publishers, was released 2019.  She is currently working on her second book.

Stevie’s projects include greenwalls; planted roofs; green remediation designs for interior and exterior applications; water remediation designed to benefit communities near oil fracking sites; designs for the EPA in Colorado, Smithsonian Arts & Industries Building, North Dakota State University, and the Ghost Ranch Visitor Center for the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Abiquiu, New Mexico; developwomxnt of green design and policies on the UNM campus; flood control design for the Red River in North Dakota; and green design on numerous residential sites nationally.

Stevie Famulari’s phytoremediation database of plants that clean the air, soil, and water of contaminants has been used by the EPA, landscape architecture, and engineering firms, and government agencies. She has been an investigator for grants which explore remediation design for oil drilling processes, the improvement of air quality, remediation design for communities, and interior green applications.

Mx. Famulari's work in greening designs, practices, research, and education can be seen nationally and internationally through awards, lectures, books, presentations, and exhibitions at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Smithsonian, Plains Art Museum, San Diego Museum of Natural Itstory, UC Berkeley, International Phytotechnology Society, MECA, UNM, UMN, ASLA, and AIA.

Stevie’s work has appeared in hundreds of books, magazines, newspapers, and television programs, including Food Network Challenges and Specials, NBC Evening News, Oakland Tribune, World Entertainment News Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the Travel Channel, Good Morning America, CBS Early Morning News, Smithsonian Magazine, Washington Post, The Post Standard, Trust for Public Land, Boston Herald, Berkeley Daily Planet, NY Village Voice, Santa Fe Reporter, and Star Tribune.

Mx. Famulari has been a professor of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design for over a decade, as well as a director, a green artist, an author, and a researcher. She is currently a professor at Farmingdale State College, the State University of New York, in the Department of Urban Horticulture and Design.

Stevie Famulari is changing the way people live and work in their spaces- in any scale, interior, exterior or unique site conditions- to create healthy living spaces.

Courses Taught

Horticulture Department- Drafting 1, Drafting 2, Plans 1, Capstone Prep, Capstone, Interior Plant Design, Phytoremediation, Herstory of Landscape Architecture, AutoCad


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Awards & Honors

  • (k) Phenomenal Womyn Award Recipient, March 2019, February 1, 2019 - March 25, 2019.
  • (k) Long Island Business News Award in Professional Healthcare, 2020.
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