Visual Communications

Brian O'Keefe

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Hale Hall, Room 229C
I am a graphic and interaction designer with a focus on creating, implementing and evaluating user experiences for current and emerging mobile products, services and systems. I have fifteen years of international experience in; user experience design, management, graphic design, marketing/branding, product design, and qualitative and quantitative metrics for end-user evaluation. I have a focused research record on how emerging technologies blend digital and physical spaces to support the production and execution of tourism-centered experiences at a verity of destinations.  I have a strong publishing record, won sales bids with Fortune 100 companies, won grant awards on university, state and county levels and patented a series of new technologies and innovations. 

Courses Taught

• IXD 210 Typography for Interaction Design (Created Course)
• IXD 212 Interaction Design I - Foundations (Created Course)

• IXD 310 Interaction Design II - User Interaction (Created Course)

• IXD 320 Interaction Design III - User Experience (Created Course)

• ART 203  History of Interaction Design (Created Course)



• VIS 334 Design Production III
• VIS 340 Industry Prep
• VIS 116 Digital Media & Methods
• VIS 414 Interaction Design 

• VIS 418 Senior Portfolio

• VIS 103 Introduction to Photography 

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