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Brian Kelly

Associate Professor 10 Months Email Ward Hall, Room 304
Farmingdale State College: 2016 to Present

I am a former governmental investigator who served within County and State public safety organizations, employed in both Pre-9/11 and Post-9/11 eras. My previous career focus encompassed threat suppression, high and low-profile behavior assessment, and investigative matters pertinent to court testimony from county to federal jurisdictions. Furthermore, my extensive experience working for an O.I.G Government Watchdog, coupled with previous career assignments such as assignments on a FBI Joint-Gang Task Force, as a Chief Security Officer in corporate sectors, as well as a Police Academy Coordinator who has trained over 3000 public safety officers in a three-year period for a police training commission, has greatly assisted in fortifying success within current higher education instructional outcomes for which I am tasked, or have innovated.
Currently, I am in my 19th year of university professorship, and actively participate in Media Contributions locally and nationally, as well as research within my field of study.


Courses Taught

CRJ 307
CRJ 308
CRJ 374
CRJ 380
CRJ 406
CRJ 407
CRJ 410
CRJ 460


  • Ed.D, Leadership, Management, and Policy (Law Enforcement and Homeland Security (Domestic Terrorism)), Seton Hall University, 2016 – Summa cum Laude

Certificates & Licensures

  • CFE, Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 05/01/2008
  • LPI, NYS Licensed Private Investigator, NYS Dept. of State, 11/02/2020


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Brian Kelly
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