Svetlana Tlupova

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Whitman Hall, Room 180C


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Tulane University, 2007


  • Lei Wang, Svetlana Tlupova and Robert Krasny, A treecode algorithm for 3D Stokeslets and stresslets, Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 11(4) 2019, 737-756.
  • Svetlana Tlupova and J. Thomas Beale, Regularized single and double layer integrals in 3D Stokes flow, Journal of Computational Physics, 386 2019, 568-584.


  • Svetlana Tlupova, “A Treecode for 3D Stokeslets and Stresslets.” Presentation to the MAA Metro New York Annual Meeting, Hofstra University on May 13, 2018.
  • Svetlana Tlupova, “Regularized Single and Double Layer Integrals in 3D Stokes Flow.” Presentation to the 2019 SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Spokane, WA on February 25, 2019.
  • Svetlana Tlupova, “Fast and accurate evaluation of boundary integrals in 3D Stokes flow.” Presentation to the BIRS Women In Numerical Methods for PDEs and their Applications, Banff, Canada on May 17, 2019.
Svetlana Tlupova
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