Svetlana Tlupova

Assistant Professor 10 Months Email Whitman Hall, Room 180C


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Tulane University, 2007


  • J. Thomas Beale, Michael Storm and Svetlana Tlupova, The adjoint double layer potential on smooth surfaces in R^3 and the Neumann problem, Advances in Computational Mathematics, 50 2024.
  • Henry A. Boateng and Svetlana Tlupova, The effect of global smoothness on the accuracy of treecodes, Communications in Computational Physics, 32(5) 2022, 1332-1360.
  • J. Thomas Beale, Christina Jones, Jillian Reale and Svetlana Tlupova, A novel regularization for higher accuracy in the solution of 3D Stokes flow, Involve, a Journal of Mathematics, 15(3) 2022, 515-524.
  • Henry A. Boateng and Svetlana Tlupova, A treecode algorithm based on tricubic interpolation, Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science, 5 2022, 100068.
  • Svetlana Tlupova, A domain decomposition solution of the Stokes-Darcy system in 3D based on boundary integral equations, Journal of Computational Physics, 450 2022, 110824.
  • Lei Wang, Robert Krasny and Svetlana Tlupova, A kernel-independent treecode based on barycentric Lagrange interpolation, Communications in Computational Physics, 28(4) 2020, 1415-1436.
  • Lei Wang, Svetlana Tlupova and Robert Krasny, A treecode algorithm for 3D Stokeslets and stresslets, Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 11(4) 2019, 737-756.
  • Svetlana Tlupova and J. Thomas Beale, Regularized single and double layer integrals in 3D Stokes flow, Journal of Computational Physics, 386 2019, 568-584.
Svetlana Tlupova
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