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Emily A Fogarty

Associate Professor 10 Months Email Memorial Hall, Room 232

Courses Taught

GIS101 The Digital Earth
GEO211 The World and Its Peoples
GEO201 Physical Geography/Physical Geography Lab
GIS222 Geovisualization I 
GIS301 GIScience
GEO323 Urban Geography
GEO330 Environmental Geography
GIS331 Spatial Analysis I
GIS332 Spatial Analysis II
GIS351 GIS and Public Health
GIS353 GIS and Public Education
GIS391 Practicum in GIS
GIS491 Senior Seminar in GIS
GIS492 Internship in GIS



  • PhD, Geography and Environmental Science (Geography), Florida State Univeristy, 2009


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  • Emily A. Fogarty, Using Geospatial Education and Geographic Information Science (GISC) Technologies to Enhance Student Engagement in Research Aligned Mentorship Opportunities, Faculty Resource Network, The National Symposium, (Teaching a New Generation of Students) 2017.
  • Emily A. Fogarty, Sheng Li, Richard Vogel and Nanda Viswanathan, "A Visualization of the Geoeconomic Relationships Linking Coastal Commercial Marine and Fishing Firms to Tourism Activities found on Long Island, New York.” in Proceedings of the New York State Economics Association, Volume 10, : (2017), 3-12.
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  • Emily A. Fogarty, Visibility network of U.S. hurricanes, Geophysical Research Letters, 36 2009.
Emily A Fogarty
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