Computer Security

Qinghai Gao

Professor 10 Months Email Lupton Hall, Room 168B
Dr. Gao is a Professor in the Division of Computing at FSC.
Before joining Farmingdale, he taught full-time in the China University of Petroleum for a few years. From 1998 to 2007 he taught as Adjunct Lecturers in Brooklyn College, Lehman College, NYC College of Technology, College of Staten Island, and York College. Since 2001 he held various positions in IT industry as Software Developer, Database Administrator, Network Engineer, and Information Security Specialist. He has extensive research experience with fingerprint recognition, biological information system, and cryptography. He has published one book and 40+ articles. His present research interests include AI in Cybersecurity, Elliptic Curve and Isogeny based Cryptography, and Data Science.
Dr. Gao is a member of following professional organizations: International Association of Identification (IAI), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), and High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).

Courses Taught

·SST115 Computer Forensics
·SST217 Computer Forensics II
·SST218 Computer Forensics III
·SST230 Biometrics & Identity Theft
·SST310 Computer Security I
·SST311 Computer Security II
·SST312 Computer Security IIII
·SST314 Cybersecurity Law & Policy
·SST323 Network Defense
·CRJ307 Criminal Justice Database Operations
·CRJ308 Forensic Technology
·CPS305 Foundations of Cryptography
·CPS401 Applied Cryptography

Courses developed:

·SST230 Biometrics & Identity Theft (3 credits)
·SST440 Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency (3 credits)
·CPS100 Introduction to Cybersecurity (1 credit)
·CPS301 Biometric Recognition (3 credits)
·CPS303 Operating Systems & Security (3 credits)
·CPS305 Foundations of Cryptography (3 credits)
·CPS325 Vulnerability Analysis (3 credits)
·CPS401 Applied Cryptography (3 credits)
·CPS461 Penetration Testing (3 credits)
·CPS462 Smart Grid Security (3 credits)
·CPS463 Distributed Systems & Security (3 credits)

Program developed:

·Co-developed the baccalaureate program: Computer Security Technology
Qinghai Gao
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