MET409 Statistical Quality Control

Students will be introduced to techniques for determining the quality of mass manufactured products by means of statistical analysis. State of-the-art computers and software will be used to generate and analyze process control charts and histograms, plus continuous variables, and attribute control charts. Tests for special causes and capability analysis of a process will be addressed. Prediction of the probable percentage defective in a monitored process as well as the producer's and customer's risk will be emphasized. Students will learn to define the Acceptance Quality Level (AQL) and the military sampling plans (MIL Standard). Applications of the theoretical concepts are covered in the required laboratory. Prerequisite(s): MET 109, MET 252, MTH 110 Corequisite(s): MET 409L Credits: 3 (2,2)

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Quality
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Six Sigma
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Control Charts for Variables
  • Additional SPC for Variables
  • Fundamentals of Probability
  • Control Charts for Attributes
  • Acceptance Sampling and Reliability
  • Management and Planning Tools
  • Design of Experiment  
  • Taguchi’s Quality Engineering