MET406 Electronic Packaging Applications

This is a theory and laboratory course covering an introduction to electronic packaging application with the printed circuit board design of analog and digital schematics. Also included in the course is application of thermal, radio frequency, electromagnetic, shock and vibration effects. Laboratory will reinforce the topics covered in theory through projects using the College’s computer graphics equipment. Prerequisite(s): MET 207 Corequisite(s): MET 406L Credits: 3 (2,2)

Topics covered:

  • Introduction, Material in electronic packaging, Substrate, and Manufacturing processes for printed circuit boards
  • Electrical properties of materials: Resistivity, Conductivity, and introduction to design single sided analog printed circuit board
  • Dielectric Constant, Dielectric Strength, Power Factor, and Arc Resistance
  • Design of a single-sided analog printed circuit board
  • Design of a double-sided digital printed circuit board
  • Auto routing of analog printed circuit boards using Ulti Board Software
  • Auto routing of digital printed circuit boards using Ulti Board Software
  • Thermal management conduction type in an electronic component
  • Thermal management convection and radiation types in an electronic enclosure
  • An empirical method to calculate frequency of vibrations
  • Methods to control EMI and RFI
  • Electrostatic discharge, Introduction to injection mold design
  • Injection mold design of a plastic electronic enclosure