MET206 Strength and Materials

This is a basic course in Strength of Materials. The main objective of this course is to introduce the concepts of stress, strain, torsion, bending and shear stresses. It also covers shear moment diagrams, deformations and modes of failure, Mohr's Circle; also included are topics in thermal and combined stresses. Laboratory demonstration of experiments and testing equipment are emphasized. Prerequisite(s): MET 201 or CON 106 Corequisite(s): MET 206L Credits: 3 (2,2)

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Principles of Statics
  • Stresses and Strains
  • Properties of Materials
  • Stress Considerations
  • Torsion in Circular Sections
  • Shear and Bending Moment in Beams
  • Stresses in Beams
  • Deflection of Beams
  • Design of Beams