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From College to Career: Applied Learning Opportunities

If you want a real-world, hands-on college experience that takes you off-campus and into a professional environment or foreign culture, Farmingdale offers numerous and varied Applied Learning opportunities.  Below you will find a description of each Applied Learning category and actual stories of students who benefited from the program.

 Internship Farmingdale State College logo

This is an internship in which you will apply knowledge you have acquired in the classroom to a professional or community setting. You will gain valuable professional experience and connections in your chosen field. Internships that are part of a course are always credit bearing. Internship sites might also offer pay as an incentive. Talk to your professor or the department to determine how many credits you will receive and whether the internship will be paid or unpaid.


Nicholas King Internship Student Profile

Nicholas King

"I felt like every time I walked into the office I was working my dream job," Nicholas says. "The internship was a life- and career-changing experience for me. I came out of my shell and developed skills I never thought I had – communications skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills, to name a few." — Nicholas King, Class of 2015

 Clinical Placement Farmingdale State College logo

In these courses you will spend time in a clinical health-care setting, interacting with individual patients or groups under the supervision of faculty. The goal is to master clinical concepts, improve clinical reasoning, and expand clinical skills.


kaitlyn Rostron, Dental Hygiene, Class of 2012

Kaitlyn Rostron 

"I definitely recommend clinical-placement experiences. You get hands-on training and learn invaluable lessons from working with different communities. I would do it again in a heartbeat." - Kaitlyn Rostron, Dental Hygiene Class of 2017  

 Practicum Farmingdale State College logo

These courses provide real-world experiences in which you apply theoretical/technical concepts or skills and cultural competency relevant to your education.



Abraham Im, Aviation, Class of 2015

Abraham Im

"I wanted to become a professional pilot ever since I was four years old," he says. "I discovered this passion from my first flight, from New York to Seoul, South Korea. After that I always looked up to the sky when an airplane flew over. I always told myself that I would become a captain one day." — Abraham Im, Class of 2015

 Service Learning Farmingdale State College logo

In these courses you will perform and reflect upon meaningful community service designed to enrich your education and strengthen the community. Service-learning activities are designed to illustrate previous learning about an area, group, community, problem, etc., while providing students the opportunity to help resolve an issue through their own work.


Hajera Siddiq, Class of 2014

Hajera Siddiq

"It was truly one of the most memorable semesters of my undergraduate years," she says. "I had the opportunity to befriend peers who will end up changing the world. Not only was the environment one that I had not experienced before, but the curriculum was structured so that the students were teaching one another through class discussions." — Hajera Siddiq, Class of 2014

Other highlighted Service Learning experiences: Architecture and Construction Management Students Get Out of the Classroom and into the "Real World Community"


 Community Service Farmingdale State College logo

Students in these courses are expected to volunteer their time for the benefit of the broader community. The course includes experiences such as service days, volunteering at campus and off-campus events, fund-raising, and other projects. These experiences do not require previous knowledge or skill. They are designed to help students learn about and reflect on the needs of their communities and how they might be addressed.


 Civic Engagement Farmingdale State College logo

These courses have a teaching and learning focus on preparing students to be informed global citizens. It includes instruction and experiences designed to educate students about community, and activities that contribute to the social good.
Shaq Saillant, Class of 2017

Shaq Saillant

"I found out a lot about myself. I felt connected with my community and showed that my designs could be utilized for an important cause. I gained a new perspective on what it means to be part of my community. - Shaq Saillant, Class of 2017  

 Creative Works Farmingdale State College logo

These courses are designed to be a culminating experience that demonstrates student achievement in a program of study. A creative work implies a capstone (or culminating) performance, project, or other manifestation of systematic learning over a college career.

Deidra Kearns, Class of 2017

Deidra Kearns

I thought if I was going to put so much effort and time into a campaign I might as well make it real and something that the community can benefit from," Deirdra explains. "I believed if I could find one student to pass the beacon on to, a scholarship would be the right way of showing support and encouragement. - Deirdra Kearns, Class of 2017

 Undergrad Research Farmingdale State College logo

These courses involve an undergraduate research component in which you will develop a meaningful intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. With the guidance of your research mentor you will engage in the literature of the discipline, research design, data collection, data analysis, and research ethics, where applicable.

Kamryn Hernandez, Class of 2021

Kamryn Hernandez

Kamryn Hernandez, Class of 2021, received funding for research at the Antigua Summer Field School with Dr. Matthew Brown. Kamryn, a RAM (Research Aligned Mentorship program) Scholar and Science, Technology, and Society major, spent 3 weeks conducting research summer 2017 in Antigua. Along with Dr. Matthew Brown of FSC's Sociology and Anthropolgy Department, Kamryn worked with Dr. Georgia Fox of California State University at Chico and other students on excacations using scientific methodologies. She learned the lifesyles of hunter-gatherer communities that existed in the area about 2,000 years ago and learned mapping, surveying , and field conservation techniques along with proper excavation methods.

For more on the RAM Program, see Spring 2017 Spotlight on RAM.

Other highlighted Undergraduate Research experiences:
Lauren Liegmann '16: Constructing Building Blocks for an Engineering Career

Hassana Oyibo '07: Bioscience Program Research 

 Entrepreneurship Farmingdale State College logo

These courses will assist you in developing the entrepreneurial skills relevant to any professional organization (non-profit, start-up, private corporations, etc.) You will learn to uncover and develop opportunities that can provide value to such organizations.

"I decided on enrolling at Farmingdale State College because I knew they had a growing and thriving business program. The college is one of the top reasons I started this company. I have taken classes in marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, and business development, all which have played a strong role in the daily operations of the company." Jared has also been helped by interning at the campus Small Business Development Center. "I learned how to launch a business from conception to a reality, and wanted to do so for myself." — Jared Potash, Class of 2016


Jared's skills and new business were recognized and put to use by one of FSC's faculty members.  The story of this partnership can be found in the FSC Campus Times story.



 Field of Study Farmingdale State College logo

You will be asked to collect data outside traditional laboratory settings - typically naturalistic or field settings. These courses demands inquiry, investigation, discovery, critical thinking, and application of data-collection skills.



 Study Abroad Farmingdale State College logo

These courses include either foreign or domestic travel. It is designed to increase your understanding of the history and cultural features of a location and its people. The course takes place at (specific location), a location specifically chosen to enhance your educational experience by virtue of its (specific attributes of the location).


Melissa Taveras, Class of 2015

Melissa Taveras

"In every country I traveled to I found a little bit of myself," she says wistfully. "These are experiences and lessons and skills I would never have learned had I been in my usual environment. Studying abroad has been the best decision I could have made." —Melissa Taveras, Class of 2015

Other highlighted Study Abroad experiences:

Alexa Toyas, Class of 2015 and Greysi Regalado, Class of 2016

David Dávila, Class of 2013

Gabriela Taciak, Class of 2013

Patricia Pickford,Class of 2010