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Surveying and Site Planning

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Surveying and Site Planning

The Surveying and Site Planning microcredential will provide students with the opportunity to learn applications of project surveying, geographical information systems (GIS) and site planning. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply organizational and technical skills in response to market-based needs for surveying, site planning, and geographic information systems (GIS) design and construction activities. The microcredential will provide an overview of skills and technologies required for construction managers to measure, assess, and document site conditions and features that contribute to effective construction project planning and management.

Admission requirements for application:

Requirements to earn the microcredential:

  • To achieve the Surveying and Site Planning microcredential, students will complete 3 required courses totaling 9 credits. This coursework will include CON 103: Surveying (3 credits), GIS 222: Geovisualization I (3 credits), and ARC 364: Site Design and Construction (3 credits). Students must meet the prerequisites for each of the courses and earn a grade of C+ or better in CON 103, GIS 222 and ARC 364 (pre-requisites listed below).
  • Pre-requisite coursework must completed prior to registration for the microcredential. Pre-requisites include: MTH 110, ENG 101, and GIS 221L as co-requisite for GIS 222; and, ARC 310 for ARC 364. Students must achieve a grade of C or higher in all pre-requisite courses.
  • Upon completion of the required coursework in the microcredential, students will need to receive a grade of C (73) or better on an examination administered by the department based upon the following distribution: Surveying assessment 35%, Geovisualization, 35%, Site planning and Design, 30%. 

Stackable to:

Construction Management Engineering Technology, B.S

Time to complete:

5 semesters

Cost to attend:

Standard tuition rates apply. For tuition and student consumer information, please click here.

Contact Information

Architecture & Construction Management

Lupton Hall, 261
Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Required Coursework (3 courses, 9 credits)
CON 103: Surveying 3 credits
GIS 222: Geovisualization I 3 credits
ARC 364: Site Design and Construction 3 credits

CON 103 Surveying

The development of skills in the use of the basic surveying instruments- tape, level, transit. Trigonometric and differential leveling and cross-sectioning. Azimuth, bearing and angle determination by repetition procedures. Angular closures. Stadia and stadia reduction of inclined sights, topographic mapping by transit stadia and plan table methods. This course will include a field laboratory assignment.

GIS 222 Geovisualization I

Geographic information systems (GIS) are computer systems designed for the creation, storage, retrieval, analysis, and visualization of spatial data. GIS is applied across fields as diverse as urban planning, environmental management, law enforcement, industrial location, and marketing, and for scientific research in many disciplines. This course is a hands-on course with a required lab period which will introduce students to foundational concepts and skills in working with spatial data, including finding and creating data, spatial analysis, and GIS-based map production. This course is a prerequisite for several upper-level GEO courses. Prerequisite(s): MTH 110 and EGL 101 both with a grade of C or higher Corequisite(s): GIS 221L

ARC 364 Site Design and Construction

This is an advanced course in the utilization of engineering and architectural principles from concept through the construction techniques of traditional and sustainable site development. Site planning techniques, municipal land development requirements, zoning regulations, soil stabilization techniques, erosion control parameters, stormwater management practices, and site construction details are applied to a site design project. Computer-aided programs in site design and survey data management will be introduced. Prerequisite(s): ARC 310

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