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SUNY: General Education Microcredential

SUNY Start Gen Ed MC


Earners of this microcredential will acquire knowledge and skills in analytic thinking, problem-solving, cultural competency, and information management. This microcredential consists of courses in Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Modern Languages,. Earners will achieve skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs or professions. Successful completion of this microcredential satisfies 4 of the 7 SUNY required general education subject areas.

Course Requirement:

Students select courses from each of the four General Education Competency Areas.

VIS 101: Introduction to Drawing

VIS 103: Introduction to Watercolor

VIS 104: Introduction to Calligraphy

VIS 105: Introduction to Photography

VIS 106: Introduction to Pastels

VIS 114: Principles of Color

VIS 115: Three-Dimensional Design

VIS 260: Graphic Design for Non-Majors

VIS 265: Web Design for Non-Majors


ART 200: History of Graphic Design

ART 201: Survey of Art History: Prehistoric Times through the Middle Ages

ART 202: Survey of Art History: Early Renaissance to Present

ART 203: History of Interaction Design

ART 242: Italian Renaissance Art

ART 303: MesoAmerican Art History



GEO 201: Physical Geography

CHM 124: Principles of Chemistry

CHM 152: General Chemistry Principles I

CHM 153: General Chemistry Principles II

BIO 120: General Biology (non-majors)

BIO 123: Human Body in Health and Disease (non-majors)

BIO 125: Principles of Nutrition (non-majors)

BIO 130: Biological Principles I (BIO majors)

BIO 166: Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology (specific for Dental Hygiene and/or MLS students)

BIO 170: Human Anatomy and Physiology (Nursing, pre-allied health students)

BIO 192: Botany (Horticulture students)

BIO 197: Human Biology (non-majors)

PHY 110: Physical Science: Physical Geology

PHY 111: Physical Science: Historical Geology

PHY 112: Physical Science Survey

PHY 113: Physical Science: Physics

PHY 114: Physical Science: Environment

PHY 115: Physical Science: Energy

PHY 116: Physical Science: Meteorology

PHY 117: Physical Science: Solar Astronomy

PHY 118: Physical Science: Stellar Astronomy

PHY 119: Physical Science: Technology

PHY 120: Physical Science: Extraterrestrial Phenomena

PHY 121: Descriptive Classical Physics

PHY 122: Descriptive Modern Physics

PHY 123: The Theory of Everything

*Please note: Labs may be required.



ARA 131: Arabic I

ARA 132: Arabic II

CHI 151: Chinese I

CHI 152: Chinese II

FRE 101: French I

FRE 102: French II

GER 111: German I

GER 112: German II

ITA 121: Italian I

ITA 122: Italian II

ITA 125: Italian for Business

SPA 141: Spanish I

SPA 142: Spanish II

SPA 145: Spanish for Medical Personnel




Minimum Grade Requirement:

In order to earn the SUNY: GEN ED microcredential, students must achieve a final grade of C or better in all four general education courses selected from the areas listed above.

Comprehensive Reflection Paper Requirement:

Upon completion of the four General Education courses, students will integrate their learning by writing a comprehensive reflection paper, demonstrating new opportunities for growth and insight, especially in the face of adversity or challenge. The microcredential will be issued after a passing grade on the reflection paper is earned.

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