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Spanish Language and Cultural Competence

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Spanish Language and Cultural Competence

Earners of this microcredential will develop intermediate Spanish proficiency in listening, reading, speaking, and writing with stress on communicative competence and cultural awareness. This microcredential will be of interest to any students to showcase Spanish language skills and cultural competence. Coursework includes one intermediate Spanish course, one MLG course, and one final project paper.

Admission requirements for application:

  • Matriculation into a Farmingdale State College degree program
  • Completion of the Microcredential Application on Etrieve
  • Pre-reqs for SPA243 and 250 & MLG courses:
    • SPA 243: SPA 142 or through department evaluation. (SPA 142 pre-reqs: SPA 141, SPA 147, SPA 140, 2-3 years of HS Spanish, or through department evaluation). 
    • SPA 250: Native or near native Spanish command.
    • MLG 3XX: EGL 101 and 102

For Non-matriculated students:

Completion of the non-matriculated student application

Completion of the Microcredential Application on Etrieve (Instructions will be emailed after completing the non-matriculated student application)

Requirements to achieve the microcredential:

To achieve the Spanish Language and Cultural Competence microcredential, participants will successfully complete 6 credits in intermediate Spanish and Modern Language courses. In addition, earners will complete a reflective or research project paper in Spanish on any cultural topic covered in the required intermediate language course or MLG course. Aspects of the intersection between culture and the workplace are discussed in depth.

Stackable to:

Science, Technology, and Society B.S.
Latin American Studies Minor
Liberal Arts and Sciences, A.A.

Time to complete:

2-3 semesters

Cost to attend:

Standard tuition rates apply. For tuition and student consumer information, please click here.


Contact Information

Modern Languages

Memorial Hall, 200

Students must complete the following courses:

Basic Coursework (Pick one from the row below) (1 course, 3 credits)
SPA 250: Spanish for Native Speakers OR 3 credits
SPA 243: Intermediate Spanish III 3 credits
Basic Coursework (Pick one from the row below) (1 course, 3 credits)
MLG 320: Latino Writers in the U.S.OR 3 credits
MLG 302: Spanish and Latin American Cinema OR 3 credits
MLG 305: Hispanic and Latin American Culture and Civilization 3 Credits

SPA 250 Spanish for Native Speakers

This course is designed to strengthen the linguistic ability of students of Hispanic background, born or educated in the United States, who speak Spanish at home and lack a formal knowledge of the language. All four skills - comprehension, speaking, reading and writing are highlighted but emphasis is given to reading, writing and vocabulary. Cultural, social and literary insights of the Hispanic world. Prerequisite(s): Native or near native command of Spanish.

SPA 243 Spanish III (Intermediate)

A continuation of Spanish 142 for students who have had 2 or 3 years of high school Spanish. This course emphasizes the gradual development of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing with stress on communicative competence and cultural awareness. A literary and cultural reader will be introduced. Prerequisite(s): SPA 142 or SPA 146

MLG 320 Latino Writers in the U.S.

The development of Latino literature and culture in the United States, with emphasis on the 20th century. Major writings of Mexican, Cuban, Dominican Republican, Puerto Rican and other Latinos will be analyzed in relation to each group's particular experience and its relation to main stream society. Particular attention given to how gender, race, ethnicity, and class interaction affects the formation of the diverse cultural experience of the U.S. Latino. This course will be taught in English. Prerequisite(s): EGL 102

MLG 302 Spanish and Latin American Cinema

In this course, representative Spanish and Latin American movies that cover periods from Romanticism to contemporary times will be analyzed, viewed and discussed. Films will be chosen to discuss social, philosophical, political and identity problems as well as its interpretation according to the artistic vision and directors' achievements and goals. Theory and history of film genres of Spain and Latin America cinema will be studied. The course will be conducted in English and all movies have English subtitles. Prerequisite(s): EGL 102

MLG 305 Hispanic and Latin American Culture and Civilization

Civilization course: Provides a general perspective on the formation of the Latin American Culture through the centuries, with special emphasis on Spanish America. In parallel form, historical and cultural evolution of the New World and the Iberian Peninsula will be studied, from their beginnings up to the present. Among other aspects, the course will give special attention to the rich multicultural heritage which has been maintained in Latin America through the centuries, as well as its achievements in Art and Literature. NOTE: Students cannot earn credit for MLG 305 and MLG 305*D MLG 305*D can be used to fulfill the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice requirement. Prerequisite(s): EGL 102

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