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Pre-Construction Planning

Earners of the Pre-Construction Planning microcredential will apply project planning and management skills that will demonstrate the ability to use these skills for an actual project in response to the standards of external firms, agencies and/or programs that manage construction projects. Earners will acquire experience through internships with external firms, agencies, or other professional constituents to develop the capstone project proposal and then execute the proposal under the supervision of an external firm.

Admission requirements for application:

For Non-matriculated students:

Requirements to earn the microcredential:

  • In order to earn the Pre-Construction Planning microcredential, students complete 4 three-credit courses: CON 350, CON 351, CON 401W, and ARC 303. This microcredential requires a minimum grade of C in each of the courses.

Stackable to:

Construction Management Technology, B.S.

Time to complete:

3-4 semesters

Cost to attend:

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Contact Information

Architecture & Construction Management

Lupton Hall, 261

Coursework 12 credits total
CON 350: Introduction to Construction Engineering 3 credits
CON 351: Construction Safety 3 credits
CON 401W: Construction Project Management 3 credits
ARC 303: Construction/Architecture Internship 3 credits

CON 350 Introduction to Construction Engineering

This course introduces construction engineering principles and methods and equipment used in heavy and commercial construction. It includes earthmoving excavating, loading and hauling, rock excavation, compressed air and water systems, tunneling, and some selected topics from building construction. Prerequisite(s): CON 162 and CON 207

CON 351 Construction Safety

This course covers the principles required for the assurance of safety on construction sites. The main topic of the course is the review of the regulations put forth federal law 19 CFR 1926, as enforced by OSHA. Along with coverage of accident theory, hazard analysis, and incident investigation, the course provides material in accordance with OSHA 30-hour certification requirements. Prerequisite(s): CON 161, Junior Status.

CON 401W Construction Project Management and Scheduling (Writing Intensive)

This course gives an in-depth introduction and orientation to construction project management. This includes professional construction management in practice and methods in professional construction management. Some of the areas this course will cover are: Bidding and Award, Application of Controls, Scheduling, Planning and Control of Operations and Resources, Procurement Quality Assurance, Safety and Health in Construction, Industrial Relations. Computer Applications included. This is a writing-intensive course. Note: Offered at the discretion of the Construction/Architectural Management Department. Prerequisite(s): CON 161, EGL 101 with a grade of C or higher, and junior status.

ARC 303 Construction/Architecture Internship

A program of practical experience and independent study to supplement and enrich classroom learning. It is a fully faculty supervised structured industrial experience. Periodical written reports and end of the assignment employer report required. Prerequisite(s): ARC 131, CON 162 and CON 207, Junior-level status, and Department Chair approval

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