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Construction Project Costing

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Construction Project Costing

Earners of this microcredential are provided the opportunity to apply project accounting and estimating skills from four courses in an approved internship to acquire experience with external firms, agencies or other professional constituents. A faculty adviser will work with the student using the ARC 303 internship course.

Admission requirements for application:

For Non-matriculated students:

Requirements to earn the microcredential:

  • In order to earn the Construction Project Costing microcredential, students complete 4 three-credit courses: CON 355, CON 357, ECO 321, and ARC 303. This microcredential requires a minimum grade of C in each of the courses.

Stackable to:

Construction Management Technology, B.S.

Time to complete:

3-4 semesters

Cost to attend:

Standard tuition rates apply. For tuition and student consumer information, please click here.

Contact Information

Architecture & Construction Management

Lupton Hall, 261

Coursework 12 credits total
CON 355: Construction Project Finance and Accounting 3 credits
CON 357: Quantity Surveying and Costing 3 credits
ECO 321: Engineering Economics 3 credits
ARC 303: Construction/Architecture Internship 3 credits

CON 355 Construction Management Financial and Accounting Principles

This course covers basic construction financing and cost accounting systems, job costing approaches, project budgeting, financial reporting procedures, forecasting financial needs, time value of money, evaluating investments, construction loans and credit, the impact of taxes and life cycle analysis. Computers applied as required. Prerequisite(s): BUS 109 and Junior level status

CON 357 Quantity Surveying and Costing

This course focuses on fundamentals of quantity survey and costing of residential and commercial facilities. Quantification of materials from construction drawings is covered in this course. Topics also covered range from site work, forms, concrete, metals and masonry, plumbing and electrical to wood framing and steel framing. The course also introduces fundamentals of computer assisted estimating. Prerequisite(s): CON 162

ECO 321 Engineering Economics

This course will provide students with a basic understanding of the economic aspects of engineering in terms of the evaluation of engineering proposals with respect to their worth and cost. Topics include: introduction to Engineering Economics; interest and interest formulas; equivalence and equivalence calculations; evaluation of replacement alternatives and operational activities; basic fundamentals of cost accounting. Prerequisite(s): Admission to a Tech Program or approval of this Department chair.

ARC 303 Construction/Architecture Internship

A program of practical experience and independent study to supplement and enrich classroom learning. It is a fully faculty supervised structured industrial experience. Periodical written reports and end of the assignment employer report required. Prerequisite(s): ARC 131, CON 162 and CON 207, Junior-level status, and Department Chair approval

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