SUNY Start: General Education Micro-Credential

SUNY Start Gen Ed MC

Earners of this micro-credential will acquire knowledge and skills in oral/written communication, critical thinking, historical perspectives, and quantitative reasoning. This micro-credential consists of courses in Basic Communication, History, Social/Behavioral Sciences, and Math. Earners will acquire skills that are useful and important for all educated persons, regardless of their jobs or professions. Successful completion of this micro-credential satisfies 4 of the SUNY required general education subject areas.

Course Requirement:

Students select courses from each of the four General Education Competency Areas.

EGL101: Composition I

SPE130: Public Speaking

HIS 114: Western Civilization I

HIS 115: Western Civilization II

HIS 117: World Civilization I

HIS 118: World Civilization II

HIS 121: US History to Reconstruction

HIS 122: US History Since Reconstruction


PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

PSY 232: Child Development

PSY 234: Social Psychology

PSY 238: Human Sexuality

SOC 122: Introduction to Sociology

ECO 110: Introduction to Personal Finance

ECO 120: The Global Economy

ECO 156: Principles of Economics (Macroeconomics)

ECO 157: Principles of Economics (Microeconomics)

ECO 321: Engineering Economics

GEO 110: Maps and Map Analysis

POL 105: Introduction to Politics

POL 250: American National Government

POL 251: State and Local Government

POL 262: Global Politics

POL 267: Politics of the Muslim World


MTH 107: Introduction to Mathematical Ideas

MTH 110: Statistics

MTH 116: College Algebra

MTH 129: Precalculus

MTH 130: Calculus I with Applications

MTH 150 Calculus I

*Please note: labs may be required.


*Math and English placement testing may be required. Please click here for more information.

Minimum Grade Requirement:

In order to earn the SUNY START: GEN ED micro-credential, students must achieve a final grade of C or better in all four general education courses selected from the areas listed above.

Comprehensive Reflection Paper Requirement:

Upon completion of the four General Education courses, students will integrate their learning by writing a comprehensive reflection paper, demonstrating new opportunities for growth and insight, especially in the face of adversity or challenge. The micro-credential will be issued after a passing grade on the reflection paper is earned.

Application information:

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