Faculty Accomplishments

Laura Joseph, EdD

Laura Joseph, EdD

During the academic year, Farmingdale State College's faculty and professional staff not only taught and mentored students but have continued to reach higher to gain new knowledge, develop new techniques for effective teaching, grow as leaders, advance research, and etc. As a whole, faculty and professional staff accomplishments have been significant. The following grants, incentive awards, seminars, and training awards, highlight the accomplishments of the Farmingdale State College community.

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Students First Grant

This internal grant competition began in 2011. It funds faculty and staff to develop new teaching techniques, mentor students in research, design applied learning experiences, engage students in co-curricular activities, and assess student learning. 

Teaching Category

Faculty Name(s) Academic Year      Project Title 
Ellen Bartley 2017-2018 Moving Homework Review Home Using Live scribe
Paulo Castillo 2017-2018 Enhancing Learning for Industrial Electronics Course (EET317) through Virtual Laboratory and In-Class Lab Simulations
Eddie Davis 2017-2018 Improving Student Learning through Classroom Engagement using Interactive Classroom Response Technology
Lisa Prazak and Kerry Lutz 2017-2018 Use of RNA interference in Undergraduate Teaching to Identify Homologous Genes for Human Disease
Mihaela Radu 2017-2018 Project-Based-Learning Pedagogical Approach in Digital Design
Co-curricular Activities Category    
Faculty Name(s) Academic Year Project Title
Joanna Breitman 2017-2018 RAM Summer Kickoff
Stevie Famulari and Nicholas Menchyk 2017-2018 Farmingdale State College Teaching Gardens-Master plan, detailed plans, GIS markers, searchable archive
Jing Betty Feng and Lijian Xu 2017-2018 A Seminar of Design Thinking and Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Erica Friedman 2017-2018 Workshop Series: Applying for & Presenting on Research
Yuri Janssen 2017-2018 An Expandable Network of Laboratory-Furnace Controllers with a Web-based Interface
Brian O'Keefe 2017-2018 The Mixed Reality Gallery Show with Visiting Scholars
Jack Simonson and Bryan Field 2017-2018 Synthesis and characterization of MAB-type borides
Assessment Category     
Faculty Name(s) Academic Year  Project Title 
Shane Owens 2017-2018 Assessment of Farmingdale State College Campus Mental Health Outreach Efforts
David Vitt 2017-2018 Assessing the Impact of Open Educational Resources on Student Academic Choices and Perceived Quality
Research Grant Awards

Many members of our faculty and professional staff are pursuing serious research agendas. This past year (2017-2018) we received ,481,265.00 in external funding in support of research and scholarly activities. I am also pleased that the College was able to provide 39 Summer 2018 Research Awards in support of faculty scholarship.

Faculty Name(s) Amount Funded Academic Year Project Title 
Kerry Lutz ,135.00 2017-2018 Plastid transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana
Laura Joseph and Denny Ryman ,000.00 2017-2018 SUNY PIF Joint Campus Curriculum Development for Educational Effectiveness and Strategic Enrollment-Farmingdale State College and SUNY Old Westbury Project 110
Edmund Douglass ,102.00 2017-2018 Abell 1763: A Giant Gas Sloshing Spiral But No Cool Core
Laura Joseph, Allison Puff, and Camille Karlson 4,500.00 2017-2018 SUNY PIF Capacity Building through Distance and Hybrid Learning at Farmingdale State College Project 109
Dayna Richardson and Lorraine Greenwald ,000.00 2017-2018 FSC & Instituto Tecnológico de Zacatepec Exchange to Promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Students in Mexico and the US
Richard Vogel 0,000.00 2017-2018 SUNY PIF High Needs Area Proposal: A Proposal for a Program in Computer Science Project 112
Karen Escolas 0,000.00 2017-2018 SUNY PIF High Needs Area Proposal: Medical Laboratory Technology Curriculum Enhancement (PIF Concept Paper) Project 113
Gonca Altuger-Genc 0,000.00 2017-2018 SUNY PIF High Needs Area Proposal: Track in Master's Technology Management Project 114
Charles Miranda ,528.00 2017-2018 Perkins IV Grant
Brian O'Keefe, Ken Tax, and Dawn Grzan 0,000.00 2017-2018 Emerging Technologies in Undergraduate Education (Consolidated Funding Application (CFA)
Serdar Elgun ,000.00 2017-2018 IFMA LI Chapter Scholarship 2018
Kevin Jordan ,000.00 2017-2018 EOP Near-Degree Completion Initiative
Jeff Hung and Daniel Weinman ,000.00 2017-2018 Enhanced Student Learning Experience in Technical Drawing and 3D Modeling through Augmented and Virtual Realities
Beverly Kahn and Erica Friedman ,000.00 2017-2018 Increasing Access to Summer Research and Project-Based Learning Opportunities for Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) Program
SUNY Incentive Grants

Thanks to grants awarded to FSC by the SUNY System, this year we have been able to provide extra support to faculty who are developing and/or improving on-line/hybrid courses, developing applied learning courses/activities or advancing the use of open access educational resources. This year's recipients of these SUNY Incentive Grants are:

Best Practices Certification for Online Classes Incentive Award  
Faculty Name Academic Year 
Laila Bichara 2017-2018
Fran Cherkis 2017-2018
Luisa Dattoma 2017-2018
Eddie Davis 2017-2018 
Eileen Eichler 2017-2018 
Peter Galante 2017-2018
Lori Goodstone 2017-2018
Caroline S. Holley 2017-2018
Jeff Hung 2017-2018
Lynn Marsh 2017-2018
Chris Matis 2017-2018
Donna Proper 2017-2018
Marie Pullan 2017-2018
Xu Zhang 2017-2018 
Flipping your Class Teaching Incentive Award                                          
Faculty Name Academic Year
Dandan Chen 2017-2018
Yu Chen  2017-2018
Noel Brathwaite 2017-2018
Noel Brathwaite 2017-2018
Orla Smyth-LoPiccolo 2017-2018
Sacheen Mobley 2017-2018
Michaela Porubanova 2017-2018
Donna Proper 2017-2018
Mihaela Radu 2017-2018
Ebru Ulusoy 2017-2018
Lijian Xu 2017-2018
Hybrid Course Development Teaching Incentive Award  
Faculty Name Academic Year 
Malisa Ali 2017-2018
Lawrence Brittain 2017-2018
Danden Chen 2017-2018
Yu Chen 2017-2018
Jennifer Gonder 2017-2018
Jeff Hung 2017-2018
Frank Mann 2017-2018
Timothy Nicholson 2017-2018
Maria Nikolaidou 2017-2018
Stephen Patnode 2017-2018
Jason Rudish 2017-2018
Orla Smyth-LoPiccolo 2017-2018
John Sleckman 2017-2018
Chris Agee 2017-2018
Applied Learning Incentive Award     
Faculty Name Academic Year                      Project Title 
Michael Figuccio  2017-2018 Child Cognitive Development
Jing Betty Feng 2017-2018 New Venture Creation Practicum (Entrepreneurial Experience)
Dandan Chen 2017-2018 World Civilization II
Michael Motta 2017-2018 Applied Policy Research 
Yu Chen 2017-2018 Consumer Behavior 
Laurie Rozakis  2017-2018 EGL 310: Technical/Professional Writing
Thomas Germano 2017-2018 (Visual Communications) Art Museum Topics
Emerging Leaders in OER Incentive Award     
Faculty Name(s) Academic Year Project Title 
Evan Cooper 2017-2018 Review of OER sources relevant to SOC366, Sociological Research Methods
Michael Motta 2017-2018 Conversion of POL250, American National Government to a course that uses an Open Stax OER Textbook
Eric Anderson and Michael Shenoda 2017-2018 Creation of an OER Text and materials to support CON 357, Quantity Surveying and Costing, using the Open Author resource at OER Commons
LaNina Cooke 2017-2018 Creation of OER materials in support of CRJ101, Law Enforcement and Community Relations
Kevin Dusling 2017-2018 Creation of OER materials in Support of MET 212, Applied Fluid Mechanics
John Sleckman 2017-2018 Creation of ER video and other materials in support of CHM 152, General Chemistry Principles I to accompany an Open STAX OER textbook
Clare Forstie 2017-2018 Research Project to assess the suitability of an OER textbook as a replacement for an introduction to Sociology textbook from both the faculty and student perspectives
Carly Tribull 2017-2018 Creation of a comic-based OER for BIO 120, General Biology including guidelines /resources for instructors, and to examine the efficacy of the comic textbook in a controlled study.
David Vitt 2017-2018 Research project to estimate the impact of OER textbooks on various measures of academic achievement, in collaboration with Kenneth Liao and Michaela Porubanova
SUNY Training for Department Chairs

Department Chairs are campus leaders whose contributions are essential to the functioning of our college. These individuals participated in the SUNY Chair Training program:

Chair's Name Department Academic Year
Edmund Douglass Science, Technology, & Society 2018-2019
Adam Filios Electrical / Computer Engineering Technology 2018-2019
Lori Goodstone Nursing 2018-2019
Sarah Gross Biology  2018-2019
Jeff  Hung Mechanical Engineering Technology 2018-2019
Orla Smyth-LoPiccolo Architecture & Construction Management  2018-2019
Jill O'Sullivan Computer Systems 2018-2019
Bill Steedle Visual Communications 2018-2019
SUNY Leadership Program

Each year SUNY offers a summer leadership development program. Participants learn leadership skills and discuss challenges. They also form a system-wide network for idea sharing and collaboration. These Farmingdale colleagues will participated in the summer program:

Name Title Academic Year
Denny Ryman Dean, School of Health Sciences 2018-2019
Nanda Viswanathan  Associate Dean, School of Business / Chair, Business 2018-2019
Karen Gelles Director, Greenley Library  2018-2019
Rena Varghese Executive Director, NEXUS Center  2018-2019
Faculty Resource Network (FRN) Summer Seminars

Farmingdale joined the FRN headquarters at New York University in 2008. This consortium of 50+ universities offers week-long summer seminars for faculty and staff development. Dr. Jeff Gaab serves as our liaison officer from FSC to the FRN. The following individuals from FSC participated in one of the FRN Summer Seminars:

Faculty Name Academic Year            Project Title
Gonca Altuger-Genc 2018-2019 Classroom Teaching Effectiveness
Nahid Jafariasbagh 2018-2019 Classroom Teaching Effectiveness
Supriya Karmakar 2018-2019 Classroom Teaching Effectiveness
Michael Motta 2018-2019 Designing Student Assessments Using Technology and Media
Sarbjit Singh 2018-2019 Designing Student Assessments Using Technology and Media
Elsa Sofia Morote 2018-2019 Entrepreneurship in Action
Corinthia Price 2018-2019 Entrepreneurship in Action
Noel Brathwaite 2018-2019 Social Media and Literacy in the Classroom: New Pathways to Learning
LaNina Cooke 2018-2019 Social Media and Literacy in the Classroom: New Pathways to Learning
Jeffrey Gaab 2018-2019 The Uses of Antiquity: The Classical World in Contemporary Thought
Council on Undergraduate Research

Farmingdale joined this National Professional Organization in 2016. It provides guidance to faculty in mentoring students in undergraduate research in all disciplines.  The First in the World Grant and the College have provided support for the following individuals to attend CUR's 18th National Conference on "Creating Collaborative Connections In and Through Undergraduate Research" in the Summer of 2018.

Name Department
Beverly Kahn RAM Program
Erwin Cabrera RAM Program 
Erica Friedman RAM Program
Gonca Altuger-Genc          Mechanical Engineering Technology
Clare Forstie Sociology and Anthropology
Jack Simonson Physics 

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