Mentor Faculty Reporting

Access Mentor Faculty Reporting to login and then choose the “Faculty Reporting” tab.

Faculty Growth Programs

Mentor Faculty Reporting is the location in which each new faculty member, in consultation with the department chair, will develop and submit a “Faculty Growth Program.” In this document, the faculty member identifies short term and long term goals in the areas of teaching effectiveness, scholarship, and service.  For the purposes of this document, short term goals would be goals that could be achieved within one academic year while long term goals may take several years to accomplish.

Annual Reports

In addition, Mentor Faculty Reporting is a comprehensive system designed to capture, display and report data about teaching, scholarship and service. Course enrollments are automatically imported into Mentor, but faculty can add annotations to each course and upload a variety of documents (syllabi, course evaluation reports, etc.). Faculty can also be prompted to report on teaching related activities such as program and curriculum development, assessment, and additional work with students. Faculty enter their publications, presentations, and grants under scholarship in Mentor. Mentor is a full bibliographic database for these materials, is fully searchable and faculty may include full text uploads with their citations. Reporting service in Mentor includes professional, community and institutional service. Once entered into Mentor, your data can be reported in a variety of ways, including a CV, annual reports, keyword search and departmental and school reports.

Student Feedback Surveys

Effective with the fall 2015 term, all student feedback surveys are now administered solely online through Axiom Mentor. A quick video tutorial and downloadable Step by Step Guide are available on the homepage upon login to Axiom Mentor under the heading “How to Start Your Student Feedback Surveys.” Keep in mind, if you would like to share the results of this survey with your Chair, you will need to follow the instructions for adding the PDF to Report for Supervisor Evaluation.

Mentor Internship Management

Access Mentor Internship Management to login and then and choose the “Institutional Tools” tab and then the “Internships” Tab.  For complete instructions on how to utilize the “Internship Management System” please go to the intranet to Administrative Documents/Faculty for a link to a webinar on how to fully take advantage of the Internship Management System.

Beginning in the Fall of 2016, it will be mandatory for departments to report on internship activity using the Axiom Mentor internship system. All students enrolled in an internship for academic credit must be entered into the Axiom Mentor system at the time that the student is placed with the company. Company information must also be added. This system will then be used for collecting data for reporting to SUNY and for making sure that we have a real-time accounting of where our students are placed on any given day.

Mentor Application Management

Access Application Management to login and then and choose the “Institutional Tools” tab and then the “Applications” tab. 

Faculty will utilize Application Management to submit courses for approval to be offered as official Farmingdale State College Applied Learning Courses or Applied Learning Enhanced Courses. In the future, other approval processes will also go through the Application System. Check back here or look for communication from the Provost’s Office for future submissions.

Office of the Provost

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