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Templates Explained

To create a new page or section:

  1. Click the New button.

  2. In the Select Content view, choose the New Page or New Section template.

  3. Give the page a Name, Description, and change the Access Settings to restrict user accessibility.

  4. Click Save.

Templates Explained

  1. Folder:  Creates an empty folder or directory. Use this template to create folders for images, pdfs and subdirectories.

  2. New Department Section:  Template for department or offices pages, where contact information needs to be displayed.  Content in third column flows to the top on mobile devices. This will be used as landing pages for all departments and offices.  It creates a directory with an index page (the landing page).

  3. New Interior Section:  Template for other interior pages or other landing pages that does not contain office contact information.  Content in third column flows to the bottom in mobile devices. Page could have image header, two columns, or three columns.

  4. New Department Page:  Similar to “New Department Section (4)”, but it creates one single page for departments’ landing pages where contact information in third column will go on top on mobile devices, making the contact information available.

  5. Full Width Page:  Similar to New Two Column Page template with two columns with option to display image banner, adjust the image to full width or on second column, one column or second column.  Third column goes at the bottom on mobile devices.  This template is the one to use most of the time.

  6. Left Nav: (Image) Template for creating/modifying Left Navigation menus.  Easier to manage than the current version. Users must request access to the /includes/custom_navs directory.

  7. New Profile Page: Template to be used for Faculty to create their faculty pages. It creates a directory with an index page, i.e. john-smith/index.pcf. Information is entered via “Multiedit.”  More pages can be created using the “Full Width Page” template. This template will be available in the /faculty directory and it is for faculty members only.