Farmingdale State and Suffolk County Community College Sign Joint Agreement

Brentwood, NY – Nursing students, college officials and legislators cheered as the RN NextStep Joint Agreement between Suffolk County Community College and Farmingdale State College was signed.

This important agreement provides a convenient and affordable upward mobility path for nursing students graduating with an Associate in Science (AS) degree in nursing from Suffolk County Community College. Students admitted to Suffolk's AS in nursing program are guaranteed admission into the FSC Online RN to BS Completion Program, provided they have completed their AS degree at Suffolk and pass their boards to become licensed Registered Nurses.

Farmingdale President Dr. John S. Nader said, "The NextStep agreement is a model of inter-institutional collaboration. It will address the growing educational needs of Long Island's nurses and better assure quality healthcare outcomes. The partnership builds on the strengths of each institution to deliver a highly regarded program that is both flexible and affordable. This is precisely the type of educational partnership that Long Island needs. It adds value to the student experience and enhances the level of care delivered in the healthcare system."

"It is with great enthusiasm that Suffolk enters into a new and unique agreement with Farmingdale State College. This will provide a continuous educational and professional pathway for our students. I could not be happier to assist in this opportunity for our students," said Dr. Paul Beaudin, vice president for Academic Affairs.

"I am thrilled that we have created a partnership program that benefits Suffolk's outstanding nursing students," said FSC Nursing Department Chair Dr. Lori Goodstone. "Providing broader access to Farmingdale's highly competitive nursing program will serve the needs of both the students and the healthcare industry as well as Long Island."

"The Suffolk-Farmingdale RN NextStep joint admission program promotes the academic progression of Suffolk's LPN-RN advanced placement students. Students will graduate Suffolk's program in May 2020, earn credentials as a registered nurse and then matriculate directly into Farmingdale's RN-BS completion program where they will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in May 2022. The Suffolk-Farmingdale RN NextStep joint admission program secures the educational path from LPN to Bachelor's prepared RN," said Dr. Cheryl Shaffer, Suffolk County Community College associate dean, School of Nursing.

"As we continue to meet the higher education needs of the residents of our County, cooperative agreements such as this one will become of greater importance in our never-ending search to provide more access and opportunity for all Long Islanders," said Suffolk Executive Vice President Louis Petrizzo. "Partnering with forward thinking institutions such as Farmingdale State will forge new paths to economic empowerment for our students and we thank Farmingdale State for helping us create these pathways."

"This new and innovative agreement demonstrates Suffolk County Community College's continuing efforts to work and partner with Long Island's four-year colleges and universities to maximize opportunities for our students," said E. Christopher Murray, chair of the Suffolk County Community College Board of Trustees.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "employment for registered nurses (RNs) is expected to increase by 16% through 2024." That growth rate is much faster than the average for all occupations.

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Last Modified 4/3/20