Seaford Resident Wins Excellence in Faculty Service Award from SUNY

Dr. Tsokris began her FSC career in 1986 as a part-time clinical supervisor, and in 2013 became chair of the department. In addition to those duties, she is an academic advisor and mentor, and has been responsible for student placement in the dental hygiene field.

A colleague, Professor Janet Gruber, said of Dr. Tsokris: "She has been a wonderful role model and mentor for me as a faculty member, for other faculty members, for students, and those who have graduated." Dr. Tsokris said of her passion for service: "Service can be a conduit for sharing and creative collaboration, brainstorming ideas, experiencing new things, and the acquisition of new knowledge."

The Chancellor's Award is conferred to acknowledge and provide recognition for consistently superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Through these awards, SUNY publicly proclaims its pride in the accomplishment and personal dedication of its instructional faculty, librarians and professional staff across its campuses.

Dr. Maureen Tsokris
Last Modified 4/3/20