Farmingdale State College Hosts Workshop for Boomers, Seniors

A free workshop for Baby Boomers and Seniors wanting to start their own businesses will be held at Farmingdale State College on Wednesday, September 10.  The event – titled “Seniorpreneurship” – will be conducted by career coach Paulette Nadel, EdD.  It will take place in Roosevelt Hall, Room 111, from 2 to 4 p.m. 

Budding entrepreneurs may register by calling Farmingdale’s Institute for Learning in Retirement at 934-420-2160 or emailing to  The registration deadline is Friday, September 5.

According to Dr. Nadel, 2012 statistics – the latest available - indicate that Baby Boomers and Seniors now start half of all new American businesses.

“This segment is growing larger every day,” Dr. Nadel says.  “Many people in this group cannot afford to retire, but many of them don’t want to retire.  People who enjoy keeping busy can be productive by running a small business, even if it’s just part time.  The extra income is a financial benefit, and the intellectual stimulation is valuable as well.”

Dr. Nadel added that research has shown that more than two-thirds of Boomer/Senior business owners say they would never want to work for someone else again.  Statistics suggest that almost 64 percent of

Boomers/Seniors businesses are first-time endeavors.  More than one third of this group said that if their small business failed, they would likely start another one.  The Top Three sectors of new businesses are Internet-based, retail, and real estate.

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Last Modified 4/9/20