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June 3, 2008

Students from School of Engineering Technologies Receive Awards for Academic Excellence

Highest Achievers in Each Discipline Receive Awards

Dr. Beverly Kahn, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs To view more photos from the event, visit Student Awards for Academic Excellence on Snapfish.com
Dr. Beverly Kahn, Provost
and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Students gathered with their families, friends and professors for the Awards for Academic Excellence Ceremony in Farmingdale State College's Little Theater.

"The recipients . have set high goals for themselves. They worked hard, they made sacrifices and they achieved excellence," said Dr. Beverly Kahn , provost and vice president of Academic Affairs.

College President W. Hubert Keen also congratulated the recipients, saying "Your level of performance cannot be achieved without a passion for learning . and I am proud that you are Farmingdale State College students."

School of Engineering Technologies

Jehu Andrew Croft - Aeronautical Science-Professional Pilot (BS) - Lindenhurst
Jehu has demonstrated his ability not only to fly aircraft with high safety standards but also to make sound judgments, in and out of the cockpit. Jehu has encouraged and motivated many students that otherwise might have become discouraged.

Brian John Sullivan - Aeronautical Science-Professional Pilot (BS) - Amityville
Brian is a person of integrity, honor, dignity, and respect who has been accepted to the United States Naval Flight Program. He is a good example of what can be accomplished given the determination necessary for success.

Richard J. Lepik - Architectural Technology (BS) - Farmingdale
Richard started his Farmingdale education in business. Subsequently, creative aspects of architecture led him to change his major to Architectural Technology. Since he switched to the architectural program he has been on the President's List a number of times. Richard is working full time for G & F Systems Inc at Roosevelt , NY . He has not made up his mind about graduate study yet.

Russell R. Rosicki - Architectural Technology (BS) - Westbury
Russell's interest in architecture started when became involved in a carpentry program in high school. While attending Farmingdale, he first worked part time as a kitchen and bath designer. This part-time work prepared him to become independent interior designer in addition to an architect intern. For the last several months Russell has been employed full time for an established architect. He has earned "As" in all of his design courses, is a recipient of the Gelina and Mclees Scholarship, and a member of the Architectural Technology Club. Russell plans to specialize in kitchen and bath design while practicing residential architecture. He intends to proceed to graduate study part time in the area of energy management.

Mariusz Czaplicki - Automotive Management Technology (BS) - Amityville
Mariusz has excelled in both math and physics courses. While not attending classes or working, he enjoys customizing both cars and boats. After graduation Mariusz plans to work for the Metropolitan Transit Authority as an engineer. He is also contemplating a career in the U.S. Navy.

Laura G. Freedman - Automotive Management Technology (BS) - Lindenhurst
Laura received an associate in art degree from St. John's University . Since her graduation, she has worked in several different automobile dealerships. Her goal has always been to obtain a bachelor's degree in automotive management. Laura is currently working at Legacy Infinity in Lynbrook , NY . She is also seeking employment with a major automobile manufacturer. Her long-term plans include obtaining a master's degree and entering the education field as an automotive instructor.

Justin Sit - Automotive Engineering Technology (AAS) - Brooklyn
Justin received a Presidential Scholarship in 2007. He will be continuing his studies in the automotive management technology BS program at Farmingdale in the fall. Justin's long term plans include obtaining a degree in engineering and opening his own automotive business.

Robert A. DeMartinis - Automotive Engineering Technology (AAS) - Smithtown
Robert was hard working and dedicated to his studies. As a student at Farmingdale State , he has developed excellent diagnostic and problem solving skills. He currently is employed in a high performance Mustang shop where he is learning more about the exciting world of car racing. Robert will be continuing his studies in the automotive management technology BS program at Farmingdale in the fall.

Imani Charles - Aviation Administration (BS) - Jamaica
Imani has demonstrated effort, determination, and hard work. He has been involved in many aspects of campus and served as a role model to other students. Overcoming many obstacles during these four years on his way to success, Imani utilized the skills he learned while serving in the U.S. Navy to excel in his academic endeavors at FSC. He plans to enter the U.S. Navy Officer Program to become a Naval Aviator.

Alexander Ramos-Ruiz - Aviation Administration (BS) - Bellerose
Alexander has earned certification as an FAA power plant technician. While at Farmingdale he served as president of the AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives) Club. Alex was instrumental in coordinating several aviation career events, procuring guest speakers, and helping to maintain the AAAE Club's national certification. Alexander is an outstanding student who has participated in many extra curricular activities throughout his studies.

Salim Rahimi - Computer Engineering Technology (BS) - Melville
Salim came to Farmingdale as a transfer student from Nassau Community College where he earned his associate degree in computer science Summa Cum Laude and was awarded the Nassau Community College Computer Science Scholarship. In pursuing studies for his BS degree in computer engineering technology at Farmingdale he achieved an admirable 3.85 GPA. He has been awarded an internship at the National Institutes of Health and has served as the vice president of the Pre-Med club. Salim is a member of the College's tennis team. He has also volunteered his time at the Long Island Blood Services and has served as tutor of science and engineering technology courses at the college's Tutoring center. His major career objective is to work and do research in the field of bioinformatics.

Eric R. Shatzkamer - Construction Mgmt. Engr. Technology (BS) - Great Neck
Eric was a transfer student from Syracuse University where he was a Chancellor's Scholar. Since he came to Farmingdale he has earned inclusion on the President's List as well as in the Dean's List multiple times. He grew up in Great Neck and now lives in New York City . Eric is currently in a management training program of Skanska USA Civil Northeast Inc, a sister company of a large construction multinational. He is completing their core competency program. Eric intends to pursue his master's degree in construction management.

Joseph Michael Clemens - Construction Mgmt. Engr. Technology (BS) - Farmingdale
Joseph is a passionate and creative student who has always wanted to get involved in built environment. He graduated with a dual major in construction management and architectural technology. He has served as vice president of the Architectural Club. Besides his strict work ethic for school work, he has enjoyed basketball and skiing. He likes to draw freehand in his spare time. He started work full time for an architect recently. Joseph is keeping his option open about future graduate study.

Matthew S. Bentivegna - Electrical Engineering Technology (BS) - East Islip
Matthew has achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA in all his course work at Farmingdale, only the second student to do this in the 21 year old history of a very challenging program. He has been on the Dean's and President's Lists for his achievements while setting an example of motivation and responsibility. In all courses where team work is important and necessary, Matthew has taken an active leadership role. His peers designated him the Group Leader in their Senior Project Design course. Matthew has always been available to help other students in their courses and has also devoted his time in volunteer community service work at local State parks. Matthew is especially interested in digital and amplifier design. His goal is to pursue a career in electrical engineering.

Jonathan David Mercurio - Electrical Engineering Technology (BS) - Malverne
Jonathan has achieved a 3.5 GPA during his studies in the bachelor of science in the electrical engineering technology program at Farmingdale. He is a dedicated, responsible and motivated student with noteworthy positive contributions as a team member of the Senior Design group project of the department. During his studies at Farmingdale he has been on the President's List and the Dean's List. He has also done volunteer work at the town of Malverne, has been involved with the Boy Scouts and is active in mountain biking. His professional goal is to pursue a career in electrical engineering technology where he aspires to become an accomplished engineer.

Kevin J. Carmody - Industrial Technology / Facility Management (BS) - Seldan
Kevin has years of experience in electronics manufacturing and plant maintenance at Aeroflex. While a student, he brought his industry expertise to FSC. He has been a strong supporter of mechanical, manufacturing and facility management programs at Farmingdale. The following are some of his contributions to the programs as well as the college:

served as an advisory board member for the SME grant project at Farmingdaleorganized field trips to Aeroflex and other companiessecured equipment, tools and software donations from industry for our programsoffered co-op jobs for our studentspromoted faculty and student involvement in electronics manufacturing researchpromoted the IMAPS professional society's student chapter at Farmingdaleprovided technical support and guidance for lab and curriculum development

John Louis Robert - Industrial Technology / Facility Management (BS) - Wantagh
John started his studies at Farmingdale State in 1987 when he decided to earn a certificate in HVAC. Later, he continued to complete an AAS degree in the air conditioning technology program. He was one of the first students who enrolled in the Facility Management BS degree program. John is currently working at National Grid, in the Department of Facilities Management. He is a Boy Scout Leader and a volunteer at St. Frances de Chantal Social Ministries.

Mark David Fridman - Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS) - Jericho
Mark earned a BA from New York University prior to his enrollment in FSC. Currently, he works as a marketing manager at Mark-10 Corp. in Copiague . He believes that he will be able to collaborate with engineers through his technical knowledge gained at FSC. Mark plays the piano, basketball, tennis and he is an avid skier. He has traveled to many parts of US and Europe on business trips. One of Mark's future plans is to earn an MBA.

Kevin Desrouilleres - Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) - Spring Valley
Kevin works as a design engineer for a manufacturing company. He was a member of FSC Student Engineers Club. He plans to enter graduate school to pursue his master's degree.

Kurian Abraham Kuttiyiel - Mechanical Engineering Technology (BS) - Bellerose
Kurian completed his high school in India . He has been conducting research with Dr. Tawfik at Brookhaven National Laboratory and received an internship at Brookhaven National Laboratory for the summer of 2008. Kurian hopes to find employment in the field of aerospace.