Weather Situations and Emergencies

Notification of Weather situations and other emergencies

This notification is meant to supplement the information found on the Farmingdale State College website ”Weather Related Procedures for Staff, Faculty and Students”.

During the course of the school year, there will be days when inclement weather conditions or other emergencies will necessitate the cancellation or delay of classes and/or activities by the President of the College.

Enrolling in notification based systems is important to staying on top of emergency situations. New York State has implemented the New York State All-Hazards Alert and Notification web-based portal, and the college implemented RAVE. Both systems relay critical emergency related notifications. The college will broadcast cancelations over TV and radio as well as the FSC website home page.

It is the responsibility of the staff and student to find out the status of campus and classes for the day by accessing one of the above methods.

In addition to the above notification systems:

  • When notification is received during normal operating hours that classes are canceled a message will be posted on ETA and you will receive a phone call from an Aviation Center staff member.
  • When notification is received outside normal operation hours that classes are cancelled or there is a delayed start, a message will be posted on ETA with instructions. The Flight instructor only will receive an email from the Chief Flight Instructor or his designee.

Rule of thumb:

During a weather or an emergency event:

If classes are cancelled your flight training block is also cancelled.

If classes are canceled or there is a delayed start which falls mid-flight block, that flight training block is cancelled.

The Aviation Center will open one hour prior to the first flight training block.

The AirBoss will arrive to the Aviation Center one hour prior to the first flight training block.

Last Modified 1/20/20