Code Yellow


FROM: Gregory T. Harrington, Assistant Chief Pilot

DATE: September 2, 2014

RE: In-bound Procedures

Effective immediately, we will be adding an additional term to our inbound calls to aid in correcting aircraft squawks in a more timely and effective manner. When taxing inbound you will follow your normal call with one of the following color codes:

  • Green – Aircraft has no known squawks
  • Yellow – Aircraft has a known squawk.
  • ie. “Farmingdale State 22 Inbound, Yellow”

Do not list the specifics of the issue over the radio just one of the color codes. If there is a maintenance issue with the aircraft and the word “Yellow” is used inbound, Dispatch will contact a Maintenance Tech to meet you at the aircraft so that you can explain the issue.

In any case you will still need to complete a paper squawk for the airplane upon entering the flight center.

These changes have been made to allow more efficient use of our resources as well as more effective communication with the MX and hopefully an understanding of issues for both students and instructors.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Fly Safe,

Gregory T. Harrington

Assistant Chief Pilot

cc: Trzaska, Sinnott, Lopez

Last Modified 3/6/20