Commercial Pilot TCO: Reissuance Acknowledgement Statemen

This FIF applies to students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot TCO Flight Course.

The Farmingdale State College Private Pilot TCO has been revised as follows:

Revision Date 05/09/2014
Approved Date 07/02/2014

The following changes approved in this revision are outlined below:

  1.  Revised Table of Contents.
  2.  Standardized format to conform to POI suggestion and permit easier future revisions.
  3. New Pagination.
  4. Addition of optional Simulator Lessons and required instrument time in accordance with 141 Appendix D(4)
    1.  Simulator Lessons: 30A, 31A, 46A, 58A, 78A, & 85A can be used up to a maximum of 5 hours of instrument time
  5. Updated approved airports list 
  6. Ability to complete lessons 33-35 and 43 as Solo or Acting PIC
  7. Lesson 44 (Stage IV Check) prior to Lesson 43 (Long XC)
  8. Removal of Power Off 180s from Solo Lessons
  9. Added line items “Emergency Descent” to the following Units: 76,77, 78B,82, 86, 87
  10. Added line items “Accelerated Stalls” to the following units: 76,77, 78B, 79-81, 83, 84B, 85, 86, 87
  11. Added line items “Power-Off 180 Accuracy Approaches and Landings” to the following units: 86

By electronically acknowledging this FIF, you agree to the following:

I have received, read, understand, and will comply with all items in the Farmingdale State College Commercial Pilot Training Course Outline (TCO) Reissuance, including safety procedures and practices, provided by the Farmingdale State College Aviation Center.

Last Modified 3/6/20