Memo Comm 141


FROM: Chief Flight Instructor

DATE: April 14, 2014

RE: Jeppesen Commercial TCO

Unit 31 must be completed prior the unit 32 and cannot be combined

Unit 33 and 34 must have a combined total 10 night landings

Unit 33 and 34 cannot be used to satisfy the requirements of Unit 31

Unit 35 cannot be satisfied by any of the previous night lessons

Units 33, 34, & 35 need to have a combined total night time of 5 hours

Unit 44 (Stage IV Stage Check) will be completed prior to Unit 43 (Long Commercial XC)

A student will not progress into Stage V without first completing Unit 44. If currency is required a lesson from Stage IV must be selected and completed

As stated by a previous email send out by the Chief Flight Instructor, FTD time will not be counted towards the student required instrument time until further notice.

Student may use time from their instrument training to meet the requirements for Commercial advanced instrument training provided that it was noted in the student log book at the time of training that it would be credited towards their commercial time.

If you have any questions please ask.

Michael Trzaska

Chief Flight Instructor

Last Modified 3/6/20