Maintenance Discrepancies and Squawks

DATE: MARCH 2, 2012
In order to continually strive for the safest operation possible, and in an effort to better communicate Aircraft Discrepancies to our Maintenance Department, your attention is called to the excerpted passages from Section 8.3 of the Flight Operation Manual (FOM) with special emphasis on the highlighted text below. Compliance with the policy below is mandatory for all Pilots operating Farmingdale State College aircraft.
8.3 Aircraft Discrepancies
All aircraft discrepancies must be corrected or deferred by authorized maintenance personnel prior to flight. Describe the problem carefully; the information you provide is vital to troubleshooting and returning the aircraft back into service in a timely fashion. NEVER attempt to troubleshoot an aircraft discrepancy on or off the Farmingdale State College ramp without authorization from a Farmingdale State College maintenance technician. Troubleshooting will be accomplished by Farmingdale State College Maintenance Department. Always report any problem you may have; do not assume that maintenance is aware of any maintenance issue. If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask the Air-Boss to speak with a maintenance technician.
On Field (KFRG) Discrepancies Procedure
  1.  If possible, return to the Farmingdale State College ramp, alert the Air-Boss that you need a maintenance technician to report to the aircraft. DO NOT BROADCAST MECHANICAL PROBLEMS OVER THE FREQUENCY
  2. If you are under control of the Tower/Ground Control and cannot continue, advise the controller that you are having an equipment malfunction and you require assistance. Follow the instructions received from the appropriate controller. When the aircraft is clear of any threats ask the appropriate controller for a momentary frequency change to Farmingdale State Operations (“STATE OPS”) 123.5 MHz and contact the Air-Boss. Give a brief description of the events that transpired and any help that is desired

Writing Aircraft Discrepancies (Squawks) 1)

  1. Write neatly and clearly
  2. Identify the item by the proper equipment name
  3. Write only factual information, do not give opinions or advice i.e. “Check Starter” should be written “aircraft will not crank”
  4. If you need help or have any questions contact the Air-Boss for assistance with writing aircraft discrepancies

If you have any questions, please ask.

Fly Safe,

Ben Struck Chief Pilot

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