Farmingdale State College PRIVATE PILOT TCO REVISION 01 Acknowledgement Statement

This FIF applies to students enrolled in the Private Pilot TCO Flight Course indicated on ETA as FSC 141 PVT FLT or FSC 61 PVT FLT. The Farmingdale State College Private Pilot TCO has been revised as follows:
Revision # Revision 01
Revision Date 02/01/2012
Approved Date 03/01/2012

The following changes approved in this revision are outlined below:

  1. Added List of Effective Pages (LEP).
  2. Standardized format to conform to previously submitted TCO’s.
  3. New Pagination.
  4. Added line items “Steep Turns” and “Recovery from Unusual Attitudes (IR)” to several lessons prior to Stage 1 check.
  5. Training Matrix was modified to conform to electronic recordkeeping program format.
  6. Adjusted course and stage minimums to conform to 14 CFR Part 141 Appendix B.

By electronically acknowledging this FIF, you agree to the following:

I have received, read, understand, and will comply with all items in the Farmingdale State College Private Pilot Training Course Outline (TCO) Revision 01, including safety procedures and practices, provided by the Farmingdale State College Aviation Center.

Last Modified 3/6/20