Farmingdale State College FLIGHT OPERATIONS MANUAL SECTION 4.7 Acknowledgement Statement

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I have received, read, understand, and will comply with Section 4.7 of the Flight Operations Manual (FOM), provided by the Farmingdale State College Aviation Center.

4.7 Taxiing

All Farmingdale State College aircraft departing the ramp must contact Flight Operations ("STATE OPS'') and state “OUTBOUND”. While taxiing in congested areas such as the ramp, and Echo ramp, the appropriate taxi speed approximates a normal walking speed, with as little power as necessary in order to stop promptly if the need arises. In less congested areas, the appropriate taxi speed is that which gives the pilot safe, positive control at all times. A sterile cockpit will be maintained while taxiing on the ramp. As the aircraft moves out of the tie-down position, brakes on the pilot's side and passenger's side (on dual flights) will be tested to ensure proper operation. The nose wheel should track along the marked centerline if available, and the aircraft maneuvered in the direction indicated when taxiing on ramp areas. Extra care should be taken when taxiing in the proximity of fuel trucks or other vehicles on the ramp. No attempt should be made to taxi around any vehicles. All Farmingdale State College aircraft arriving to the ramp must contact Flight Operations ("STATE OPS'') and state, “inbound”.

Last Modified 1/20/20