Dr. Marilyn Blumenthal

 Areas of Expertise:

  • Human Sexuality
  • Health Psychology
  • Bereavement,
  • Women’s Issues
  • Family Conflict

Dr. Marilyn Blumenthal has been a Professor of Psychology at Farmingdale State for over 30 years and has been in private practice for nearly as long. She earned both a PhD in Psychology and a Clinical Program Certificate from Hofstra University. She has conducted workshops, led support groups and reviewed college textbooks for publication.

At Farmingdale State University, Dr. Blumenthal has taught Health Psychology and Human Sexuality, two courses which she planned and developed, as well as Abnormal Psychology. In 1999, Dr. Blumenthal was awarded both the Faculty Club’s 25 Year Award and the Psychology Department’s Certificate for Outstanding Service. She has served on the Women’s Council, the Faculty Executive Committee and the Presidential Task Force on Sexual Harassment.

As an NY State Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Blumenthal uses cognitive-behavioral therapy to address problems related to stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. She has conducted workshops and led support groups for individuals coping with aging parents and for adults who have lost a parent.

During the 1990s, Dr. Blumenthal gave frequent presentations on “Stress and the Midlife Woman” at the Bethpage Ob/Gyn Menopause Seminars. Prior to that, she worked with Motherless Daughters, an organization dedicated to women whose mothers had died when the daughters were young. On 9/11/04, Dr. Blumenthal participated in a 107.1 FM radio broadcast about the meaning of memorials.

Dr. Blumenthal is a member of the American Psychological Association and both the Nassau and Suffolk Psychological Associations. As a psychologist in private practice, she is a provider for several health insurance plans, including Empire (Value Options) and GHI.

In 2002, at the annual Farmingdale State Teaching of Psychology Conference, Dr. Blumenthal presented a paper on post-traumatic disorder stress following the 9/11 tragedy. Together with Dr. Angela Danzi, Professor of Sociology, she published, “I’ll never speak to you again!: An Exploration of Family Disconnection”  in Millenium Haze: Comparative Inquiries About Society, State and Community (2000).

In the area of psychometrics (testing and measurement), Dr. Blumenthal co-authored testbanks for several editions of Wadsworth’s Abnormal Psychology textbooks. She has also reviewed the last four editions of Sexuality Today: The Human Perspective by Gary Kelly (Dushkin, 1994-2006) as well as the 8th edition of Psychology by David G. Myers (Worth, 2006).


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