Turn It In

Turnitin is plagiarism prevention software that Farmingdale State College has acquired for submission of papers to check for plagiarism and/or text matching and to help promote originality. Turnitin lets faculty quickly and effectively check text as compared to using a search engine.

Every paper submitted is returned in the form of a customized Originality Report. Results are based on exhaustive searches of both current and archived pages on the Internet, millions of student papers previously submitted to Turnitin, and commercial databases of journal articles and periodicals. Text matches are both color coded and identified numerically.

Turnitin is accessible via Blackboard.  Instructions for faculty are below and are posted on the library website at: https://www.farmingdale.edu/library/turnitin_blackboard.pdf

Login to Blackboard

  • In your Blackboard course go to LEARNING MODULES, make sure EDIT  is on (upper right corner of screen)
  • Click on the 2nd Tab for ASSESSMENTS on the dropdown list
  • Click Turnitin Direct Assignment (bottom of the list)
  • Customize your Assignment Information

Farmingdale State College also has a standalone version for those who do not use Blackboard. 
The Turnitin standalone version is available at turnitin.com

Please contact zahorta@farmingdale.edu to Add Faculty standalone account.  Instructions for Faculty for Standalone account and setting up assignments.

Instructions for Students- Instructions how to create your student account and submit your paper to Turnitin.

For Turnitin Support or Farmingdale ID Codes please contact:  Theresa Zahor, zahorta@farmingdale.edu, 631-420-2472

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