Nursing Journals (in print and databases)

 Title  Library Holdings Full Text Articles Available in Databases
 American Journal of Nursing 2008-2013  Click here for online 
 ANS: Advances in Nursing Science   2003-  CINAHL Plus
 Computers, Informatics Nursing 2006-  
 Critical  Care Nursing Quarterly 2006-  
 Geriatric Nursing 2006- SUNY Science Direct
 Holistic Nursing Practice 2006- CINAHL Plus
 Home Healthcare Nurse 2006-  
 Imprint 2005-  
 International Journal of Nursing Studies 2002-  SUNY Science Direct
 International Nursing Review 2002  CINAHL Plus
 Journal of Community Health Nursing 2006-  CINAHL Plus
 Journal of Emergency Nursing 2006-  SUNY Science Direct
 Journal of Gerontological Nursing 2006  
Journal of Holistic Nursing 2014- Click here for online
Journal of Infusion Nursing 2006-  
Journal of Nursing Administration 2003-  
Journal of Nursing Scholarship 2006- Academic Search Complete
Journal of Nursing Education 2009- ProQuest
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing : JOGNN 2003- CINAHL
Nurse Educator 2000-20012  Click here for online
Nurse Practitioner 2000-  
Nursing 2008-  
Nursing Administration Quarterly 2002- CINAHL Plus
Nursing Clinics of North America 2009-  
Nursing Education Perspectives 2006- CINAHL Plus
Nursing for Women's Health 2007- CINAHL Plus
Nursing Forum 2010- Academic Search Complete
Nursing Management 2006-  
Nursing Outlook 2011- SUNY Science Direct
Nursing Research 2005- Academic Search Complete
Nursing Spectrum 2012  
Nursing Times 2009-  
Pediatric Nursing 2006- CINAHL Plus
Western Journal of Nursing Research 2012 Click here for online
Last updated 12/18/2013