How to Apply to Study Abroad

  • The application fee for all FSC-hosted programs is $60 and it is non-refundable. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or money order only, made payable to Farmingdale State College.
  • FSC students studying abroad must receive course pre-approval from their department chair in order to receive credits towards their Farmingdale degree upon return from the program. If pre-approval is not received, degree completion, financial aid and fees from student accounts may be sacrificed. It is the responsibility of the student meet with their department chair. Student must bring the appropriate documentation, complete and return it to the study abroad office prior to their program deadline. Failure to do so may risk your eligibility for the program. Pre-approval for full-time study in the fall and spring semesters or 6 credits in the summer term are required to be eligible for financial aid.
  • In order to receive credits for courses taken on your study abroad program:
    • They must be pre-approved by your department chair.
    • You must receive a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher.
  • Each program has a budget sheet with anticipated program costs and expenses. The amounts listed under "Other Projected Expenses" are estimates and may increase or decrease due to exchange rate fluctuations and personal spending habits. All costs subject to change.

*The credits received abroad from another institution will be reflected on your Farmingdale State College transcript as transfer credits. These grades will not affect your GPA.

Deadline to Application

  • Fall Semester: April 15
  • Thanksgiving Break: April 15
  • Intersession: October 15
  • Spring Semester: October 15
  • Spring Break: November 15
  • Summer: March 15

Financial Aid Information

It is very important that you understand the costs associated with your study abroad program. All FSC study abroad programs grant academic credit, therefore the student will be billed for applicable tuition and any related college fees in addition the estimated cost of the study abroad program.

Within the SUNY system there are over a 1000 study abroad programs. The program cost varies with respect to location, housing accommodations, length of program, etc. With research you are sure to find a program that meets your budget.

We highly recommended you make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor early in your planning process to discuss finance options available to best maximize your funding.

View the Financial Aid Department website for important information regarding applicable credits.