Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

For Faculty

The SUNY COIL Center offers online workshops to get you prepared to embed COIL
into your classes, and offers opportunities for you to find partners around the world.

Faculty members can register their COIL courses in axiom as civic engagement.

Students can receive applied learning credit from a COIL course.

For Faculty interested in COIL, please complete this survey.

How does COIL Work:

COIL offers students and faculty the chance to engage with peers from around the
world without leaving the country through technology. Students will register for courses
at their home campus. Faculty collaborate with other faculty in a different country to
develop course content that helps expose students to different cultural perspectives.
The syllabi is designed to have students solve a problem or work on a project together
in a globalized community. The collaboration between students can be in real time
through video sessions or through email and online discussion groups. By working with
one another, course content is enriched and it offers an invaluable experience for

COIL Breakdown:

  • 2 instructors - 1 course/module
  • 2 classes - Co-taught
  • 2 cohorts of students - Collaborative project/task
  • 2 institutions - Online
  • 2 or more cultures - Intercultural
  • 2 languages - Interdisciplinary
  • Global learning for all integrated into the curriculum
  • Applied learning
  • Development of 21st century skills
  • Intercultural awareness and competency development
  • Interdisciplinary application of knowledge
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Cost effective, scalable internationalization
  • High impact practice for teaching and learning

Impacts for Farmingdale State College

  • Professional development for faculty and staff
  • Significant international experience to a wider range and greater numbers of students
  • Increased appreciation for diversity
  • Applied learning
  • New Institutional partnerships
  • Increase student study abroad interest/preparation
  • Stimulate course redesign to include technology
  • Alignment with strategic goals

For faculty interested in learning more about COIL, upcoming professional development workshops, as well as FSC's COIL Information Session, please visit the COIL webpage through ARIES.


International Education & Programs

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