Secure Access


There was an update to the VPN to provide security and bug fixes.

You may be prompted to update your VPN client.  This new client will have various security and bug fixes and we encourage you to perform the VPN update.

If you are running Windows 7, please do not update at this time.  If this is a campus machine, contact the Helpdesk to report that you are running Windows 7.  If you have updated, contact Helpdesk for instructions on how to resolve.

In order to access Farmingdale State College's Banner administrative SIS system or network shares from an off campus location, you must first establish a secure connection to the campus network.  There are two ways to establish a connection:

PLEASE NOTE:  You should choose VPN or VDI, not both. The VDI creates a secure connection in itself. The VPN is not required. Your connection will just slow down and take resources away from others.

We are asking users to be mindful of their use of the virtual desktop. The more users logged in at once the slower the system will be. If you do not need to be logged onto Banner, answering calls live, or accessing other internal resources, please disconnect from the virtual desktop to conserve resources for others. Users are able to access email, Blackboard, Google Docs/Drive, Microsoft Office 365/One Drive and other software applications without needing to be connected to the virtual desktop.

Also, please note that cyber criminals will attempt to exploit users during times of crisis. We should not let our guard down, be cautious of any suspicious emails, and never transmit sensitive data by email or other insecure means.

Download & Installation

Below are the basic steps needed to install and configure the campus supported Pulse Secure VPN software.

Click on one of the URL's below to begin the download and installation of the Pulse Secure software package:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Helpdesk at 934-420-2754 or email

Last Modified 5/13/21