Wireless Access

How to register Macs, iOS and Android devices on FSC_Secure (MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and Android devices)

1)  Follow the steps in the FSC_Secure handout.

How to register Laptops with Windows 7, Windows 10 and Chromebooks:

1)  Go to https://www.farmingdale.edu/wifi
2)  In the box marked 'Network Login', login with your Farmingdale Username/Password and hit
3)  Review Farmingdale's 'Acceptable Use Policy' and click in the box to agree to the Policy
4)  Click 'Complete Registration'
5)  Restart your device and it will now be registered on the Farmingdale State College WiFi
6)  If after following these instructions, you are unable to register your device, please attempt to
     register your laptop using the steps below for Gaming and Smart Devices

How to register Gaming Devices, Smart Devices or similar-WiFi capable devices (Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Roku, Amazon Echo, etc):

If you still having difficulty registering on the wireless after attempting the above steps, please email helpdesk@farmingdale.edu the below information:

1) Error message you're getting
2) Full Name
3) Ram ID#
4) Farmingdale Username
5) Make and model of the device
6) MAC address of the device